November 30! Finally!


Finally, you no longer have to see a post a day from me! And I don’t have to struggle with writing one, although I actually enjoyed the process. But, DONE!

Happy? Grateful?

Delusional? (Uh-Oh)

I had an idea a few weeks ago to resurrect an old Christmas tradition.  My dead husband was insane for Xmas music (yes, and musicals..what a nerd!) He had so many CD’s it was astounding. Some wonderful, many truly awful (and I’d be hard pressed to say which he enjoyed more!)  In 1999 Tom and I started making  our own Xmas CD’s out of the millions of songs he had collected. Well, HE actually made it. I was “Consulting Producer” and as such had very little power over the finished product.  He picked a theme and we worked to find songs that fit in each years theme. Wonder Boy drew a picture for the cover, and Tom would even write liner notes for all the songs. It truly was a labor of love, and so much fun to do. Every year we gave them as gifts to all of our friends. This tradition ended with Christmas 2005, Tom was dead in January 2006.  However, I made one final CD the year he died, because we had a tradition of including one song on each CD that one of our friends sang. Seriously, we were able to do that, talented friends, lucky us.  For the Xmas 2006 CD I wanted to include some of him singing, and was able to put in 3 tracks.

It’s funny…each year I have to steel myself for the first time I play the CD, but then I just can’t get enough of it. I am cognizant of how very lucky I am to have his singing so available to me.  I can HEAR him! Grateful.  Anyway, the theme that year  seemed to be How Very Sad we were, but it still turned out well and I enjoyed (I’m not sure that’s the right word) making it.

SO,  this year, TBTH,  seemed a perfect time to do it again! I started looking through old music and thinking about a theme and asking what people’s favorite songs were and….

Well, I realized pretty quickly I wasn’t going to be able to do it. Maybe because it is so inextricably linked with my pre-life, you know? I can Take Back The Holidays , but I don’t think I get to take back that tradition. At least this year. And you know what, that’s ok. I’m ok with that.

HOWEVER…FB wasn’t around when Tom was alive (good thing, actually…he would have been the KING of it!). so I decided  that what would be doable  (and entertaining, perhaps just to me) would be to post a different Xmas song on FB every day leading up to Xmas. Maybe a less well known version of a classic song, sometimes a classic that I don’t want to mess with, maybe something silly and absurd for a laugh. I liked the idea when I thought of it and still do! So  I am inviting you all to meet me on FB for your daily Xmas…….

Uh-oh again.  Hmmm…. I’m an anonymous blogger.  No link to FB.

So, for MY amusement and  (hopefully) yours, if you enjoy the Xmas musical merriment, I will be posting a song a day here, just as I am doing on FB.

Frankly, as hard as it was to post each day, it kept my mind occupied and I liked it. So another 25 days won’t hurt. Well, it won’t hurt ME, but I’m doing it for my TBTH rehabilitation, and will be so happy if some of you enjoy it too.

Beginning tomorrow, a song a day to keep Christmas away..or, wait, to bring the Winter Solstice near, um,  for Channukah joy, or Kwanzaa…erg…..whtever. Enjoy as you will (or won’t). Think of this as your Advent calendar. No chocolate treat or toy, (or alcoholic beverage, man! Primrose wrote about that!) but a musical treat each day. I thought I might be limited by versions I could pull off you tube, however, I just figured out how to make sound cloud work (I know, everyone else has done it for years!), so if I can’t find a version I love on you tube, I can always pull one from my old CD’s.

And,as this is my blog, there may or may  not be a story attached with the song. We’ll see. There might also be two versions of the same song. I can do anything I want, I am heady with power!!

There WILL be a special surprise on Christmas Day however, an that’s a promise.

It’s a Countdown to Christmas! Join me…..

(What am I, the Hallmark Channel?)


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  1. What a great idea – looking forward to it (oh and you made me squeak out loud on public transport when I read my name!)

  2. YAY! I have thoroughly enjoyed your post-a-day mission and am looking forward to the songs to come. There’s so much more for me to say here, but I’m going to shut up and just wait for the music. The tunes will be prettier than any words I can come up with. Happy Holidays, Babe!

  3. You could make a FB page just for carols and attach the link. Maybe call it A Carol A Day. Nothing personal on it. Just a thought.
    Here is good too.
    Looking forward to it.

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