Yeah, I know.

The reality is that I’m not writing much over here these days. Not because I have nothing to say, actually the opposite. I have way too much to say and none of it is particularly kind or necessary. True? Yes, as well as I can figure, but….

I am grappling with all the ideas, all the feels, all the indignities and it seems too much.

So I decided to play on Instagram. A quick picture, a few words and silly hashtags.  It’s amusing and entertaining even as it’s a disciplined, every day thing.

I’ve also been writing every day in a journal. In my own illegible handwriting. Pseudo 10th steps, more like facts of each day, with the main impetus being to acknowledge the things that I do each day that are good, positive and helpful.  Also that I actually accomplished and didn’t procrastinate about, because that is such an issue for me.


(does anyone watch Schitt’s Creek? If you do, hear David saying “so….”. If not, Netflix, brilliantly funny)


Instagram for a little while. Here when I am so moved





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  1. Susan Boyd Joyce May 4, 2017 — 3:44 pm

    I’m back!!! It worked.

  2. My nieces and nephews all use Snap Chat, so I can do fun stuff fir them!

  3. I enjoy Instagram. I am paul_practising_life if you want to find me on IG!

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