Science Is Real….


Research based science


After peer review!

That chant rang out today from all over the U.S and other countries. A Mach for Science on Earth Day 2017.

A March for facts…..FACTS!!!!

I come in here and write about , well, frankly, me. MY life, My sobriety, My grief, MY whatever-I’m-feeling-that-day…there has been an ongoing discussion in my head about what I even want this blog to be.

Let’s not worry that the discussion has been going on since I started about 6-ish years ago, that’s an unimportant fact.

But there are important facts. Facts are important, whether we happen to like them or not.

And I had a moment today looking at  my instagram , that horrible moment when I realized people were marching for FACTS! Because they have no meaning these days, do they? I mean, to me they do, probably to most of you too. But in the bigger picture, they don’t .  We have elected a shyster to the presidency of the United States, and he brings alone a circus van full of buffoons and racists, climate deniers and woman-haters, treasonous collaborators and family advisors and….


I am not prepared to go on and on. I doubt anyone either wants or needs me to, and I don’t need to. The FACTS speak for themselves, and there are many trump supporters who are starting (just now, really..?) to see that they may have made a tiny little error in judgement in supporting him and his cronies.

I just want to underline the basic premise that drew me to my blog tonight; that has me writing a quick rant, that has me baffled and horrified…today. I have been baffled and horrified daily, but today it’s this…

There was a March FOR Science today in the United States of America.

How have we come to this? And, seriously, what the fuck are we gonna do about it.


*It’s late enough in the day that I could post a zillion pictures from marches all over the U.S and the World…but you can look at them for yourselves. We’re adults here. However, I couldn’t resist one song….


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  1. Some days I just focus on watching the grass grow. The news is too depressing.

  2. Oh Mish, we are definitely on the same wavelength, your rants are my rants. My heart aches so I leave the room anymore when I hear his name. Great post

  3. I’m with you.
    And I now read the news, as watching it makes me so upset.
    I don’t see that the marches are making any difference, people are calling, and that doesn’t seem to make any difference.
    Today he said, Being president is harder than he thought.
    He likes his old life.
    Oh Boy.

  4. I love science and nature and all the calm that comes with it.
    Sorry that I hadn’t been over here before now – I was saving your sweet piece for just the right time.
    You’re awesome – I love you to the moon and back 🙂

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