Gimmee, Gimmee!

I’m starting this post as I rest and recover from a long day of yoga. I will pick it up again tomorrow morning and then spend more hours in meditation and yoga, before returning home and back at this. I imagine it will take me a couple of days to get this out, because it is incredibly important that I get it right, probably more than any blog I have ever written.

For no reason other than it’s another excuse to get me writing!

First background…

I was challenged to write this. Kinda. I mean, well, I’ll tell you later.

Michelle and Christy wrote some great blogs entitled “The First Viggo Mortenson Invitational”…over on Cayman Thorn’s blog Drinks Well With Others, something which I decidedly do not do well with anyone! (……ths is part 2, look for 1 and 3 to get the full range of their picks!)

They wrote about their “Gimmees”, at least that’s what I would call them. Those men (and women) who float their boat, get their juices flowing (millions of metaphors, you know what I mean).

I used to love to play this game with Tom.We always had that ONE person who, if they walked through the door and asked us to jump in the sack we could oblige, free of guilt and recrimination. It was just logical, and it made us laugh.

He was pretty loyal; for the longest time it was either Ann Margaret or Susan Sarandon. One day he came home to tell me that  he had just met Susan Sarandon , whose trailer was parked right outside his window on the WB lot. And then there was the time he was hired to re-write Ann Margaret’s Las Vegas show. I was worried! Both of them? You know, we had an agreement, don’t ask, don’t tell so….. I’m pretty sure it never happend.

Mine shifted like the wind. Jimmy Smits, Denzel Washington,  Alec Baldwin,Andy Garcia (one night Tom himself introduced me to Andy…he didn’t ask, dammit!). We had a lot of laughs choosing…we had  a lot of laughs, period.

Anyway, when I read their lists I wanted in on the action and  so I passive-aggressively pandered to Christy who I knew cannot pass an opportunity to “dare ” someone to do something ( and thank you for it!) and so here I am with my list

This time it’s 9, something to do with a basket ball draft? maybe baseball? IDK…those girls are sports fans and I get lost.

But 9!

I had my number one without even thinking about it, but the rest took time and really showed me some things about myself, specifically that even thought we think we change, we don’t.not really.

My first thoughts went to the eye candy/hot body type of guys (and women) that I thought were more appropriate, conventional.. And I realized that, as I thought of them, I was struggling. I don’t know if it’s a function of age, but I look at some of these guys and just don’t see it.  And then I look at my life and who I have personally, for years , thought was hot and I see that I haven’t changed much.

Brad Pitt? naw, too obvious. George Clooney? obvious too, but he does have that sense of wanting to make the world better which is do find attractive. Jon Hamm….I love him, but because he is so damn funny, the looks are welcome but not necessary….you get the pic. I like the less obvious, and I also find that I like  relatively age appropriate. In other words, men, not boys. Of course , many of the people  on my list were older than me and I’ve wanted them for a long time, others grew up with me, or I grew up with them, and they never lost their appeal.

I’m the smart and funny and talented girl. looks are a distant 4th, a bonus if available, but unimportant in the long run. People tend to grow on me. And as I have been trying to figure out my 9  I find it’s informed by who I am NOW, not in the past or a supposed future. Now. which means it is subject to change, and I have already changed a few on closer examination

So that’s the kind of list I am making…maybe not conventional, but soooooooo hot, I swear !!

These will be in no particular order until the  second to the last one…who is my number one and the most overtly and conventional sexy and “jump my bones” pick of them all. Because…well, you’ll know when I say it!




what’s not to love about this guy? add to that great quote a ridiculously corny sense of humor and easy way of explaining all the multitude of smarts in his head. Here’s a recent tweet of his (YES…I stalk follow him on twitter!)

With my 5,000,000th follower, I reaffirm that it’s an honor and a privilege to rub your geek underbellies in the Twitterverse

Geek underbelly. Yes you can rub it anytime as you whisper scientific truth in my ear!

Dayum hot!



Have you WATCHED Ray Donovan? because this is some of the best acting I have ever seen. Everyone on the show is magnificent, but Liev holds it  all together and I am in awe of his work.

And he is hot, serious. It’s Showtime,  so lots of nekkid there.  Yep, made the list




I have girl gimmees too.. Lucinda, what can I say? her music is sublime,lyrics devastating and gorgeous all at once. And that voice, growly, dark, so sexy. I’d like her to sing to me. When I first met Tom I heard him behind me talking and had the thought “I’d like to fuck that voice”. Lucinda could make me re-evaluate. And Patti Smith…the two of them were neck and neck.



I love musical theatre. This guy is the real thing, bringing it into today. A musical about Alexander Hamilton sold out for years? or about street kids in a barrio? rap/hip hop?

I can’t wait to see what he does next, fascinating guy. Smart and talented and cute to boot.



I really wanted to do Batman, I’m a huge Batman geek, the only superhero I ascribe to. To me Bale has been the best of the Batmen, and one heck of a hot actor anyway… I love this guy. And the picture…well, his last few roles have been so fun and odd and interesting (I can’t believe he didn’t win an Oscar Sunday night night!) that this struck me, made me laugh.. A handsome leading man that is not afraid to go where a role takes him.




I was a kid and  this man’s voice was, and is still, so striking, so sexy, so dreamy! he has been a crush for a very long time. He was playing in Vegas years ago when Tom was re-writing his girlfriend Ann’s show, and one night, after a few cocktails (UM-hum) I talked myself into sanding at the back of a sold out show. Kind of a dream come true moment, nostalgic and relevant at the same time. Man, he’s just good.

(BROOOOCCEEE was a very close second; man I love me some Springsteen)




Powerful actor, social activist and smart as a whip. He elevates everything he appears in and he puts his money and time where his mouth is in terms of fighting for equality and working to rebuild New Orleans. I like political activism in a guy. Sexy.





Meditation crush.  I’m learning so much from her and the practices of loving-kindness and compassion meditation. How it all starts with ourselves. How it can help to heal the world. I’m sitting with  her and another crush, Roshi Joan Halifax, in retreat in Santa Fe in  November. And I’m geeking out.





It was ridiculous for me to try and pick a picture, so here this one will do.

He is exquisite! So handsome and dead sexy, as well as an incredible actor with a breathtaking range. I hope the talk of him being the next Bond comes to fruition…what a way to revitalize the brand. And keep me in the movie theatre!

No justice.

Heis my TRUE gimme, old style. Tom would be watching out for him, that’s for sure. Man! He is so hot I’m fanning myself just writing this. And he has been in the lead for several years, unchanged, one of my longest crushes. *sigh*….YUM!!

So there is my 9.

BUT (of course!) I have to sneak another in. Because this guy…. NATHAN LANE


Tom seriously was mistaken for him often. Tom was big into musical theatre,and at the time of his death he had been flying to and from New York auditioning for touring companies of The Producers. He looked like him, sang like him, played a lot of the same parts he did…

Yeah, openly gay, but I always joked about Tom being the straightest gay man I had ever known, so it fits.

And he really does look like him , so there’s that. When he comes on TV I will rewind and watch again and again, fascinated. It’s a little obsessive, but it’s true…

so I don’t thnk he’d be the type to play  for the team, but he can be the manager, call the shots. Come to think of it, Tom would be that too.

OK, that’s it. Anyone else want to play? I double dog dare you!

(IDK,  better when Christy does it….)




Add yours →

  1. Oh baby! Nicely done :). Well played, indeed!
    I love that you and Tom played this game – Scott and I did, too. You had me rolling sister! Loved your picks, too. Christian and Liv could have been on my list. Tom Jones…remember the album cover for Caesar’s Palace? In addition to Michael Landon, TJ was my first crush. You educated me on the others, and I almost woke the dog with my giggles when I read what you’d do with Lucinda’s voice.
    Oh, this was so good. Gimme fo sho!

  2. What fun, now I’ll spend the day thinking, damn.

  3. My “kitchen passes” have always been Weird Al and Steve Martin. No way I could come up with nine. I’m not sure there are nine people I’d wanna fuck anyway! #teampicky

    • “kitchen passes”…LOL>..I love that term!
      Martin I can see, but weird al? I’m laughing over here.

      and truth be told…i don’t wanna fuck them all either….i just want to spend time with them, get to know them, you know?
      but if something were to happen….


  4. Yay! The cat is out of da bag! Idris! Idris! @mamamickterry I wanted to tell you to just watch the Rebel video, but nope, my lips were sealed!

    I loved this maybe even more than the posts me and Mick did. Lucinda….that growl..,,yes please. Righteously! Just play me John Coltrane….

    WENDELL PIERCE … Nice! As a bonus, he was (is) in Ray Donovan. Which I LOVE by the way. One of my favorite shows. Except the son. And sometimes the daughter. I want to strangle them both.

    Nathan Lane. ❤️ I actually thought about him for you when I was guessing. But I went with Colin Firth who didn’t even make your list.

    I saw Tom in Vegas in 2001, 02? At the mgm. He’s still got it. gteat show, great pick!

    And Neil….! I think he’s the bomb on Twitter. One of the few that I try to check every time I sign on. Which hasn’t been much lately, but he’s so funny. Geeky funny, which geeky me loves.

    You slayed it Mish, and you had fun too! I’m so happy you joined in! Definitely a fun pick-me-up post for the winter blahs. Loved it! xoxo

    • Mmmm…Idris….
      *wanders off to find the Rebel video…

    • oh, that son..waste of space, right?
      I’m looking forward to Pierce playing Clarence Thomas..HBO I think, and zoo (I should go look it up). Talk about playing against type!

      That’s when I saw Tom too…so I might have been standing in the back of the room at the MGM the night you saw him…how weird, huh?
      Colin not so much, adorable but…
      it is inane how much my Tom looked like Nathan..and that particular picture is scary. I have a couple friends who knew Tom who read this….if they weight in on that pic they will confirm. But he is adorable and talented on his own, and that team needed a manager badly, right?

      Thanks for the dare! lol…it was fun

      • Oh that would have been wild if it was the same night. Probably though, the way the universe works sometimes!

        You must have said something about Nathan looking like your Tom before. Something nagged at me and said maybe don’t say Nathan…not bc he’s gay, but I must’ve known of the resemblance from a previous post.

        But yes! A good team needs a manager for sure and he’s a mighty fine one, Tom/Nathan/Both! :). xo

  5. This could win for most eclectic list, which I love about you. I learned a few things about people I knew nothing at all about before today. Fun list, fun post.

  6. I am in awe of your dedication to duty in drafting this post 😉 tx for sharing! Xx

  7. I think I logged back in… You are crazy, girlfriend! Nine?! Holy cow. And we have different tastes for sure.
    Gotta think about this. xoxoxoxoxosbj

  8. OMG. I love your list – black, white, Latino, male, female 🙂

    Even though I feel like a racist now, here are mine:

    1. Bowie
    2. Angelina Jolie
    3. Peter Fonda (Easy Rider era)
    4. Johnny Depp (before he stopped bathing)
    5. Dane Cook (that is so embarrassing to admit)
    6. Kyle Chandler
    7. Brad Pitt (but only in Legends of the Fall)
    8.Heath Ledger (oh how I love that ruddy young man cheek look like the boys in Ralph Lauren ads have – oh Heath, so beautiful).
    9. Don Knotts (but only as Mr Furley)

    • OMG!!
      Mr. Furley! That is a good one, weird as shit, but good! LOL…

      I would go for Bowie and Kyle Chandler myself….did you ever binge watch Friday Night Lights? because he is the best man in the world in it….

      anyway cocoon, thanks for your list!

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