A Mostly True Valentine’s Story…

I am putting a link here to Bye Bye Beer’s story today…..gave me the idea for this one!

Thanks Kristen! Anyone else like to join in???



The alarm goes off at 6 and I roll right out of bed. Today is not a day for my usual calm morning rituals; I have to be at my meeting at 8.

Shower, breakfast, dress, get bags and money ready for the after-meeting ritual of the farmer’s market (oh, the veggies! the yoghurt! do they have any asian pears?).

Check email hurriedly. Read Kristen’s blog as I eat…I think I’ll save Mick’s until later.

Valentine’s Day, right. That’s the thing that Tom never wanted to celebrate. “Hallmark holiday, means nothing, we love every day….”. I bought it, I agreed (although secretly believing it was a great way to get out of a card or gift on his part). But that was the standard set. Low/No expectations. And I DID love him every day, and it was easy to let it go.

UNTIL…Wonder Boy entered our lives. And suddenly the game changed because I wanted a Valentine from my little boy. I wanted to give him Valentines. I wanted to pick out those silly cards for his whole class, watch as he grew and was able to write his own name on them, see him get a crush on a girl and want to pick a more special card for her. I wanted him to learn that Valentine’s Day was special and I needed Tom’s cooperation to do that, I DEMANDED his cooperation!

One might say I broke our agreement, changed the rules midstream, used the kid to get what I really, deep down wanted.

One might be right.

Every year Valentines Day at least brought a card, either bought or homemade, and since the kid was doing it, the husband had to join in, to “be an example”.

Today I got a text  “Hey you! Phone’s about to die and I am working like a madman today too. Just wanted to wish you a happy valentine’s day, and say thanks for being the number one lady in my life !! I’ll check in tonite. XO”

Mission Accomplished (tears of gratitude)


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  1. Aw man, this is beautiful, Michele. I’m that way now about the damn holiday, knowing better but wanting the fuss, the card, the text. Kids are a great way to reconnect with holidays. One day I guess they’ll discover this too. Love that you wrote this.

  2. Reading this got me into trouble on a work teleconference.
    My audible “AWWWWW!!!!” went right through the unmuted telephone line to my boss…and his boss, too.

    It was SO worth it. For the smile you put on my face.
    We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day here either…unless you count the card I get for my kiddo and the chocolate dessert (complete with letting him lick the bowl) that I make. If daddy gets a bite or two…well, then that counts in my book.

    Loved the text, love your son. Love you. xoxox

  3. This is a really wonderful story!

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