AHEM….Excuse Me….



See that set-up?

That’s for my friend and guinea pig client. Bill comes to my house and I teach him Yoga.

What, what? How is that even a thing?



See that box ‘o blocks?

I ordered them from a Yoga outlet. I bought those props because I am going to need them August 6-9. That weekend I am going for a little get-together (sober) weekend with some friends and I am planning a Yin Yoga class and meditation for them. (I am also planning a few short, easy sequences that I can do myself and teach anyone who is interested, but thats “in case”).


WHO just wrote that?

WHO did a 200 hour teacher training? Who is a member of Yoga Alliance? Who has already taken some extra certificate hours in Yin yoga? Who is taking an online course on self care with a yoga teacher I greatly admire? Who just emailed some incredible teachers and  dear friends who teach acting to kids and young adults, positing the idea of yoga for parents as they wait for their kids to get out of class? Who suggested to another dear friend that we go to her friends weekend workshop in New York in the fall? Who’s looking at yoga insurance and trying to figure out how to write all of this off?

I don’t even know myself anymore. But I’m liking whoever I am.

Here’s a parting thought from Rumi:
Today like every other day
We wake up empty and scared.
Don’t open the door of your study
And begin reading.
Take down a musical instrument.
Let the beauty we love be what we do
There are hundreds of way to kneel
And kiss the earth.

Kiss the earth…or kiss the sky?





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  1. My new yoga bolster comes today. I “learned” how to use one at my AA/yoga class. This is fun news for you! While parents are sitting through classes is great! Your trip to Mpls helped me make my own trip wonderful. I talked to real sober people & got some help which I wouldn’t have done without you being vulnerable and writing about your trip. Thank you, Lori

    • Lori!
      I am so glad the trip went well, and that my writing about mine heaped…that’s what I love about AA, that we get strength and help from each other, even if just in a random blog! LOL.

      I need straps and bolsters and blankets, OH MY! …but i started with blocks because I think they can help a lot, based on my experience, and they were cheap! LOL. Also they will be all I need immediately at my retreat.

      Thanks for this, made my morning! xo

  2. Hey there!
    Exciting. I love teaching. I will email you my yin class from last night. It was tough! But the class liked it.

    Also, if you are on spotify I have some yin playlists. My name is Marge106. I find I like instrumental music, but sometimes we need real songs!

    Woo hoo!

  3. Mished! This is so exciting! I am so jealous…well…yeah…I’m jealous. 😉

    Also, for years when Jimi says, “‘scuse me while I kiss the sky” I thought he was saying, “scuse me while I kiss this guy.” LOL!!! I was a grown woman before I saw the actual words – and I’m a child of the 60’s!!!

    Can’t wait to hear about your classes.


  4. I love blocks. I only have two but recently discovered a great use for 6 at a class: stack 3 shoulder width, and then stick your head down in between them, prop your shoulders up on top of them, and get yourself up into a sort-of-headstand (but your head won’t touch the ground) with the blocks holding your whole weight. it’s like a 100pc supported inversion and your head and neck and arms are free. Anyway, I want to hear more about this self-care online course. Sounds perfect. I’m so glad you’re taking such good advantage of your extra health, time, etc. that stopping drinking afforded you. Your new self sounds so happy. I’m looking forward to meeting my new self.

  5. I meant make two stacks of three, shoulder width apart. then stick your head down between the stacks and put one shoulder on each stack. this stuff is hard to describe.

    • Lol…
      i know that was what you meant!
      I haven’t tried that, seems scary without some sort of arms down? legs at wall? I’m pretty inversion woosy, I like them, a lot, but approach slowly….

  6. OH!!!! Yay yay yay. You are the bomb. Brave awesome wonderful you. xxxooo

  7. Christy Anna Beguins July 29, 2015 — 11:25 am

    Yes, yes, yes! I always link Rumi and Jimi in my mind too. 🙂

    • funny, i had not done that before consciously, altho she i read the poem this time I realized that I always, in my head, will counter with “scuze me, while i kiss the sky”…

      i loved using it here!

  8. That – ‘who even AM I?!’ Know it so well 🙂 great to hear all you are up to. The blogs are great I think for keeping us grounded and giving us a true perspective of how far we have come. It’s like running up a gradual and winding slope…excuse running metaphor as have not evolved to yoga stage yet 😉 xx

  9. You are one bad ass chick!
    That study, your blocks, and the sunlight on the hardwood floors makes me want to come and take Bill’s place for your next lesson.
    LOVE this! Love YOU! xo

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