Here We Go…

IMG_3391“Oh, just sitting and looking at my Yoga Teacher Training required reading…”

Man, that feels good to say!

It’s funny, I can easily work myself up into a frenzy of self-doubt, trepidation, “I can’t possibly learn all of this stuff” anxiety. But I don’t. When it starts I just breathe and choose another, kinder and more peaceful approach. A Yogic response, right? One I feel more and more comfortable with as time has gone by, and the reason why I am so attracted to deepening my studies in yoga.

Yes, there will be hard work..Sanskrit? Anatomy? Tests? Essays? (WTF? I can’t possibly….shhhh….BREATHE!).  I can do it, am going to do it.

I’ve been finishing books I have been reading, finally caught up on all my New Yorkers, am up to date on the TV shows I watch and finished all my binges. I’m off FB (god! what a great idea that was!) and am limiting my internet time as practice (still reading my blogs though, and will still write certainly). I only have one wedding set for the entire 12 weeks, with nothing else set in stone other than my grief groups. I know I have to, and will, make room for some AA meetings.  I hopefully have enough yoga clothing to get me from laundry to laundry; I don’t imagine I will have much else to wash, or wear for that matter.

I’m as ready as I will ever be and am so excited to be jumping headlong into this intense, immersive experience . What a gift I am giving myself by signing up and showing up! I’m proud of me, this is a big YES. And it also fits so well with my word this year, my CURIOUS, because that is exactly what I am about this TT. So curious as to what I will learn, how I will grow, how I can be of service during and after it. My old story would never have allowed this, never have had the guts to attempt something like this. That story is useless to me now as I turn my life upside down for the next 12 weeks (well, actually 13, but we get Easter weekend off!).

There is a lot of SQEEEE-ing with excitement going on up in this joint! Thanks  you to all who have sent supportive messages and been with me through the decision process and the disappointment when the first training fell through. This one is going to be very intimate, which is awesome because, more attention to me, right?  HAH!  But we all will certainly be more able to go deeper, practice harder and, yes, get more attention to our specific needs (I wonder if I will ever master balancing poses?).

The Training starts next Friday night, the 23rd. First night’s assignment is an essay on
“What is Yoga”. I believe it is meant to see how we personally view Yoga and that’s how I will answer it. Maybe I will post it here, who nows. In any case I’m sure there will be a lot of yoga talk going on over here in this blog, so you can drop me now if you’d like! It’s interesting though, how this also plays into a blog I wrote a while back asking just what my blog is, or means. Is it a sober blog, a grief blog, a yoga blog? I guess it really is a life blog; this is my life. I was going to say warts and all but you all know that isn’t true. There’s only so much we ever share, even on a completely anonymous blog.

But it is my life, and you know what? Life is pretty damn good.





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  1. I’m so excited to read about your journey in yoga teacher training! I’ve been in and out of yoga since I was a teenager and now I’m doing it regularly again (and hope to keep things this way).

    When peope ask me to explain yoga I’m always floored. I expect you’ll learn a lot about yourself in that essay.

    Good luck!!

  2. Michele, I am so excited to read this! I hope you’ll post about your experiences and teach us all more about yoga! I would love to learn more about it. I only know what I’ve learned in a few classes here and there and my one DVD.
    Good luck, I can’t wait to read more!

  3. Thats awesome!!! I hope its a great experience and enjoy your reading 😀

  4. I’m proud of you too. and rather than dropping the blog i’m sure i will read more religiously than ever. my studio is doing TT in feb and I’m tempted. But I just started yoga in Dec. and think i might wait until a year from now when my practice (and my new job) are more settled. I can’t wait for your new journey, thanks for sharing.

  5. this is just so great. terrifically excited for you and also so proud of you that you are doing this. (am I allowed to say that?!) hell, saying it anyway! xx

    • yes you are allowed to say that! my god…
      this is one of those “gifts of sobriety” that we all chat about…how our lives change in such interesting ways with the simple (and god, yes, i know it’s not REALLY simple!) act of putting down the drink.
      thank you for your support, and all i learn from you..we all deserve to be proud of ourselves and each other!

  6. Exciting! I can’t wait to read it all!

    I loved my tt and i am loving teaching. It is a gift!

    Write lots!!!!!!!

  7. This all sounds so exciting. Challenging and rewarding and pretty much like a dream come true. The more intimate training class that you had to wait for sounds pretty meant to be. Love that essay assignment. Excited for you.

    • Thanks kristen…
      i just assume that it was/is meant to be, because it is.
      I am excited, and i have a lot of specific issues physically that some intense and specific work on will certainly help.

      Thanks for your support, it’s going to be great!

  8. I’m so excited for you. I’m halfway through my training. It’s a life changing experience. Have you checked out or recovery 2.0? Recovery 2.0 has a free virtual conference coming up. Namaste 🙂

    • I get Tommy Rosen’s newsletter and so am aware of the recover 2,0….I assume i’ll be pretty darn busy with training though and unable to listen to the live feeds. I listened to some of it last year and it was really good though.
      i will check out the other site you noted.

      You know, that’s what everyone tells me, life changing experience. No one talks about teaching, it’s so funny. And my first thought when considering it was “well, i’m not going to teach so why would i do this?”…
      I have talked to people who have done several trainings, gotten their 500 and still don’t teach, they do it for the immersion and the love of it, and, yes the life changing experience.

      My goal is to be open, open, open..that’s it.
      I can’t wait!
      and congrats on yours!

      • PS….

        i wish you’d get back to your blog…hint, hint!

        and i checked out the 12 step yoga site…i actually have an 11th step yoga practice, one thing i am hoping to be able to teach after my training. It started here in L.A and was my way into yoga. It is a program offered for free by volunteer teachers and the hat is passed for rent just like in a regular meeting. Pretty awesome.

  9. I am so selfishly excited for your next journey! Does that even make sense? I can’t wait to read about what you’re learning, what this all looks like and living vicariously through you.
    It’s official…I’m addicted to yoga. I love that it’s something I can do at home with just a mat and bare feet. I’d still love to go to class every day, but that’s not in the cards right now. In fact, when I’m having a stressful work day (I work from home 2-3 days/week), I just pull out the mat and breathe…

    The fact that your first assignment is an essay just further cements the awesome timing. Yay you…beautiful, wonderful, curious you!

    • Thank you!
      I love you, and how supportive and “there” you are for me, and for all of the bloggers that i read your lovely replies on! Your support means the world to me!
      And yes, just pull out the mat and breathe….so simple, and we SO often forget to do it!

      • I took your/my own advice yesterday and did just that. I had a headache, an upset stomach and just felt bleh. Even just 20 minutes on the floor did wonders!! Today, is a different story. This particular Monday calls for a few rounds with the heavy bag 😉

  10. Eeeeeeeeee….so jealous! This sounds so exciting and hard and challenging and FUN! You can so do this and I can’t wait to hear more as you progress through this program. Good luck and YAY!


    • thanks sherry!

      i’m so happy folks are saying they want to hear about it, because i don’t want to get all redundant on everyone!
      I have a feeling i might quiet down a bit because of all the work, but who knows?

      it al feels so new and mysterious, does that make sense?

  11. Yay You! That is awesome. I’ve always considered the Yoga Teacher Training, but my day job keeps me so busy, I was afraid of taking on too much and having to drop out. What a wonderful gift you are giving yourself and I bet it is TONS to learn! You can do it. Looking forward to reading about this new journey 🙂

  12. Life is pretty damn good.
    So glad I get to hear you say this again!

  13. Congrats Michele! I am so excited for you, and excited that you are excited. Go on as much as you want about yoga. I will lap it up. I am not a yoga dude, although almost everyone I know says that i should go (why?) My wife goes to Bikram and begs me to go…but that’s like taking someone who makes paper airplanes and putting them in the cockpit of a jumbo 747! She loves it though and I see why so many are in tune to it.

    Congrats again…new chapter in your life 🙂


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