Quick In and Out


New Year, new look for the blog…just trying it out so if it sucks to read or navigate let me know. I liked it and it was free.Important considerations.

I wanted to put the whole picture that goes with my header because it is so awesome, both in light of my Word of the Year and just because…but I do have an affinity for just the words. I HAVE seen some weird shit, haven’t we all?

Anyway, here’s the whole picture:


So perfect! Curious little Alice and Dorothy…kindred spirits!

I also liked this one:

images-4The Curious theme is working well all 9 days into the New Year!

And, I am ecstatic to say, that the FB deletion has been done, and I am settling in so much better than I thought. I really do feel free! It’s 11 pm and as soon as I am through with this post I am going to bed, so I can get up early and hit a yoga class, have lunch with friends and who knows what else I will do. I have completely redone my bed…new sheets/pillows, etc. I have begun the work of my closet and have been trashing ‘stuff’ right and left. I have paid bills and made long procrastinated phone calls. I have visited friends, am reading 3 books, have watched 2 movies, finish step 12 with a  sponsee, been to bed before 12 and up by 8 every morning.  I have also found some new sites  that have given me lots to think about, as well as book reviews (I’m just off FB..not a Luddite for goddsakes!). It feels great. Yoga every day and I am also writing more. Nothing is finished because I am trying to give my writing more attention (this post notwithstanding!). Some will be published, others not, but I am learning a lot as I write.

OH, and I’m sure there has been an uptick on my blog comments..good stuff out there!


So that’s me 9 days into 2015. New theme, curious attitude and positive outlook. The next two weeks are a little rough, but, hey….what else is new. As Anne Lamott says “Left foot. right foot, left foot, breath”.

Sounds good to me.




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  1. I vote for D and A

  2. Love the Alice & Dorothy picture!! Freeing up spaces and time and filling it up with things that bring joy, sounds like a great year.

  3. You have me all fired up and inspired, Michele….as I sit here in my jammies!
    Love the new look and everything you have going on. It makes me feel all fired up and ready to do something, too.
    Have great weekend and I’ll catch you on the flip side.

    PSST! I’ve sent that exact cartoon to Christy and Jennie…one of my favs 🙂

    • i am already in my yoga clothes, sipping tea and reading before my 10:30 class.
      Will this last all year? um…..LOL
      I enjoy it while it’s here.
      And the curious is already bringing up a lot of, well, interesting would be a kind word for it, stuff,\.
      But onward and upward!
      And a nice balance of PJ’s and fired up i perfect, no?

  4. I like the first one. I am reading this on my phone now and the blog itself is fine, but the header is “off”. Not sure if you are still messing with things or not. 🙂

    • I’m always messing!!
      So many free themes, so little time, right?
      I will sit with this a bit…I never read blogs on my phone, so i never encounter that problem…iwill go look and see how it looks!

  5. Inspiring! I say use the energy when you have it, relax in your jammines when you don’t.
    Both are perfectly acceptable alternatives. Life is not a race!

    • yoga, lunch with friends, picked up apartment a little and now lazing online while laundries are going.

      a great mix of lazy and productive…a perfect way to be in the world!

      • Lovely! I did yoga, had a reiki session (interesting, I liked it), and am making soup. And watching football.

        I have a going away dinner to go to. I would rather stay in my comfy pants, but it is a good friend who I will miss, so I will put on some uncomfortable clothes and go out for a bit!

  6. Yes, yoga and Ann Lamont!!!
    Will be thinking of you in the coming weeks.

  7. Love love love the new look AND the full pic. Priceless.


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