TBTH In Full Swing



My sweet little tree.

All the lights on Thursday night. Friday my plan was to decorate, add all of my special ornaments. They are all laid out, ready to go.

SO…I went to yoga and  worked little bit there, came home, ate lunch checked emails and FB (as you do) and then plugged in the tree to get started.



How is it that you can have a fully lit tree one night and a much less than fully lit one the next?


That’s it. That was the extent of my hissy fit. Because it’s not a problem when there is Target, right?



And it’s now Sunday night and voila!

All the ornaments are still laid out and I will decorate tomorrow.

I’m just so grateful for the attitude adjustment.The changes show up  in such little ways that I miss them if I am not noticing, paying close attention.  And I am working really hard on noticing and  being aware of every positive change, attitudinal, psychological, physical…what-ever-ical.

There have been a lot lately, mostly in attitude. I am fully into TBTH mode and it’s going well. A couple hiccups, but when they happen I stop, am grateful for whatever it was that got me, and move on. I have quite a few things planned, but I also realized I need plenty of time for myself, not to wallow but to decompress, and I’m taking it.

This weekend was “office party” weekend, you know, for all those jobs I do for free.  Saturday night was the annual Holiday party at my yoga place.  I showed up and had a really good time. I knew just about everyone, maybe just by sight, but I felt like I really was part of a community. I remember last year. I had just joined the studio and got the invite. I was sitting in my apartment wrestling with myself….”should I go? but I don’t know anyone. I could meet people though…. “, no surprise that I didn’t go. I’m so glad that there was no question this year, I belong, I am going. I ate and laughed and got a little sarcastic with some funny people (but in a good way!). Best of all I split before I got roped into helping clean up . Admittedly I did get roped into setting up, so my duty was done.

The Our House volunteer luncheon was this after noon.  I’ve attended it every year, but I know so many more people now and each year it gets incrementally more fun to go. I spent quiet a while talking yoga with the development director there. I had the idea that yoga would be a great addition to the annual Camp Erin that they run for kids and teens, and I expressed it to her. Who knows what may come of that?  I’m noticing my willingness to attend these types of events and participate fully as positive change.

I’m noticing everything as positive change, to be frank. I’m not going backwards much, it’s just not happening. Forward motion is key and I’m grateful for all that I am doing.

I got an invite to a Xmas Eve open house that I responded to in the affirmative. I know the hosts well, but will know very few other people. It will be good, it will be an adventure. I am capable of chatting with people I don’t know and having a good time in social situations where before I would have had to front load, immediately grab a drink when I got there and then I would spend the evening NOT getting too drunk so I could safely drive home and then drink.

MY GOD! I am so happy those days are over! Not even on the radar. I just cannot find one positive reason for drinking anymore, and I continue to make that work for me every day.

I guess this was just a check in post, nothing much to say. I wanted to show you my tree, and I also want to post a xmas song for you. This was from a Xmas concert in 1999. Words written to a traditional German carol by my talented friend Steve, and performed by an quartet of lovely singers, including my sweet husband. Since it is a funny song, and Tom would do anything for a laugh, you can tell who he is pretty quickly: he comes in as second tenor, and then any of the most dramatic, silly song-stylings are him.




(hint…there may be a few more of these sprinkled in the next few weeks….)




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  1. That song has made my day. Really, really happy. Thank you so much! Hugs to you! Xxx

  2. It’s so funny, right?
    the choir my husband belonged to was fill of amazing singers and talented writers and arrangers. This was a one-off hoot…and, as you can hear, a real crowd pleaser.
    I have found some more that I will intermittingly post…
    glad you enjoyed it

  3. Loved everything about thist post, your tree is indeed sweet and awesome! I could really relate to the paragraph about socializing, spending the entire time focusing on not geting too drunk so as to be able to drive home, where the real drinking could begin. Spent the majority of my adult life doing that. I, too, am SO THANKFUL, those days are over #thankstothegraceofgod #aa #partysober #sobahisbettah

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