Thanksgiving Redux


finishing up the day with gratitude.

This morning I got up and went to a 9am yoga class. The studio holds 50, but there were 75 of us there, scrunched together, sweating out our gratitude. The teacher, Joe, made a special gratitude playlist and it was awesome. I was VERY happy to be in a downward facing dog pose  when Sly and his family came on … “Thank You Falettinme, B Mice-elf Agin…” my toes were tapping ad my butt wiggling. Maybe not exactly the pose, but…

After class Joe led a short guided meditation for anyone who wanted to stay. I wanted to stay and did, sending gratitude out to blanket the world along with about 25 other yogis.

How grateful I am to be part of a yoga community that offers this type of worship, this type of church.

When I got home I ate (I know…not a lot but I was starving!) and checked emials. Showered and then curled up with a book. I didn’t say a GOOD book…it’s so predictable! But it’s fun to read. (NOT naming it, no controversy here!)

Then off to a 3:30 invitation at my friends. Such a lovely time, such good food and spectacular friends! And to-go bags!

Thanksgiving always reminds me of this story by Brian Andreas:



So true…no matter what we do the real reason we are here is to connect. I had such a beautiful Thanksgiving Day, connecting. In person, through texts and emails… Oh so grateful.

Finally, home.  Settling in to  finish this and to write my daily gratitude list I clearly see why this day was so special. Because I do it every day, I am grateful every single day.  And it is a practice like any other, a muscle that needs flexing, a talent to hone. This day was another day to practice.

With a bonus of so much good food….can’t get any better than that.


And now, for your listening (or dancing if any of you can move at this point!) pleasure:




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  1. LOVE! Nothing like starting at thankful day with Sly and fam.
    Thank you, Michele. xo

  2. I love that. Simple. Honest. Be kind.

    It makes me smile.

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