#8….Time connecting with a friend

Tonite is strategic in my TBTH plans. Actually inviting people over and feeding them. And letting them bring offerings; a salad, pies, bread, booze…

I am disappointed that 2 of my friends can’t make it at the last minute, but the reason is good (and not so good, but they are fine). Besides my disappointment the only issue will be that I have MORE too much food, because…not an entertainer. It always seems better to have more rather than less, no?

I am calm and looking forward to the evening though. The house is clean, the soup is on and I basically just have to get dressed. I admit I hear Tom’s voice from the past “jesus! pour yourself a glass of (insert whatever I was drinking that evening) and relax”! That is how we rolled. He LOVED entertaining; I did too but was so anxious about it.  Letting go of my anxiety  without alcoholic support is a wonderful feeling .

So I will come back here after the party is over and say what I know: it was fun and wonderful and the best part was connecting with my old friends. Because that is the greatest joy, right? All that matters anymore.


And I am back, midnight. Kitchen cleaned, face washed, sipping my tea.

Truly? For me it was a PERFECT evening! I hope my friends felt the same. I am feeling really grateful right about now…..




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