Another YES

“There are times when I have no idea
what comes next & it’s the thing I’ve
come to love most about being alive:
leaning in to hear the invitation
of each day & feeling my whole
body melt when I say
yes, yes, yes.”

Brian Andreas


I LOVE that!

Of course I would, I am all about the yes ( and  the bass, no treble).

This was there in my inbox, ready to pounce on me this morning as I drank my tea and readied for the day.

It’s interesting to me that I have been working on a post about Yin Yoga, which is a style of yoga I am completely enamored with. And the basic tenants of the style are to first, find your edge in a pose; that point where there is no pain but there IS sensation. Then, as you breathe, you lean into the pose, waiting for an invitation to go deeper, which almost always comes for me. And, finally, you hold for time.

This story of Brian’s reminded me so much of that. The whole idea of not knowing what the pose will bring, yet being willing to lean in and say yes to a deeper experience, no matter if it’s wonderful or uncomfortable. Just like life.

We get out of bed and it’s a crap-shoot, am I right?  What happens next, and next? Sure we have plans and ideas, but if we really let go, lean in, life can and will, surprise the hell out of us on a regular basis.

I never used to like that about life. My life was so small and contained and I needed to know what was going to happen next or I would be filled with  fear. I see that I was like that my whole life, using isolation, eating, drinking…..whatever I could to escape the notion that I couldn’t control anything. YEARS of that! At this point I am so grateful to finally have found a better way.

I was talking to a friend and mentioned how surprised I am  that at this late stage in my life I have found something new to be in love with.  I was referring to yoga in the particular, but in the bigger sense I am referring to life itself. I have not been in love with life for a  very long time, and , don’t get me wrong, I still can argue with it with the best of them. But this idea of acceptance, of leaning in and allowing life to happen, saying yes, is a new and welcome idea.

I intend to keep playing the edge and letting myself soften into the deeper experiences of life. As far as holding for time? Well, I have some left  and plan on leaning in, both literally and metaphorically, to the yes.



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  1. I love the way you write about yoga and use it as a metaphor. The idea of ‘finding an edge’, leaning against it, holding still with it is powerful. It is very lovely to read about your engagement with life and with ‘yes.’ Beautiful post. X

  2. It’s a beautiful thing, life! I too have found this new love And, the more I learn to let go, “wow”, my experience deepens!

    I am now learning how to share my life experience. Not by telling all, that’s ego! But simply offering love and kindness to the life experience of others.

  3. You make me love yoga more and more even though I’ve only been on a mat once that wasn’t in front of a TV screen.
    Reading your description about the pose, waiting for the invitation and going deeper is amazing. I think about your “call and response” post quite a bit these days and these words just reinforce your original wisdom. I’m leaning toward a year of yes in 2015…you are laying such a fantastic path for me to follow.

  4. I’m stealing your words for my class on Tuesday, quote included.
    I hope that’s ok!

    I love yin too, but I prefer harder flow as it has less thought time. Teaching yin only once showed me my own impatience.

    Clearly it’s what I need to say yes to as well!!!


    • aha!
      less “thought time”!
      that’s what I love about it. My main teacher uses it with meditation,and so i do too. I find myself relaxing into pigeon (or the yin term “sleeping swan”) on my bedroom floor while meditating. it grounds me.
      I’m not a huge fan of restorative though….the work in yin is important, i get impatient in relaxing into restorative.
      interesting how we all have our thing

  5. I’m so happy you’re in such a good space, my sweet friend. What a transformation.

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