I Dare Ya!



#10 asks about a DARING ADVENTURE you have taken.

I’m not the daring type. I picture many people answering this about treks to Macchu Picchu, jumps out of airplanes, backpacking around Europe and all sorts of fabulous, and daring adventures. That’s what I picture and imagine that many others do too.  I’ve had a great life, been to Europe a few times, had some awesome experiences that I am glad to remember, but daring?

The thing is that my reality is very different. I believe my most valuable daring adventures have been in just living life, the everyday. That’s what I look back on and say, YES! dared greatly there!  I could have bungee-jumped off the Empire State building and it wouldn’t have held a candle to the adventure of raising my son. I could have gone on several African safari’s, toured the world, hiked Everest and nothing could have been more adventurous, or daring! than sharing my life with another human being, my Tom. The older I get, the more I understand that the more common place adventures are the things of truly Daring Greatly. Life, in  all it ‘s beauty and pain and wonder and grace and horribleness….that’s what counts, that is meaning.

Today I look at my life and see myself pulling out of depression, starting a yoga practice, attempting dating (though that adventure is definitely not panning out!), quitting drinking, selling my house, living my life…all of these things are daring adventures for me. It’s the ordinary that wins, the extraordinary ordinary that counts as an adventure worth my time.

This picture represents an adventure I’m on now, a Spiritual adventure. For an atheist that’s a big word “spiritual”, but I believe there is room for it all and room for even more than we can possibly know. I don’t think atheist really describes me anymore, but I’ve yet to figure out what does. It doesn’t matter though. What I’ve come to understand is that it’s a quest, an adventure I am on and we will see where it leads me. My suspicion is that it will lead me right back into myself; actually, I am sure of that. But in a new way,  with a different  and deeper understanding.

That’s as adventurous as I want to be today, and it feels hella daring!!












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  1. ‘The extraordinary ordinary’. Love that. X

  2. I wish you lived near me. I am immersed in yoga spiritual reading and would love someone to talk to about it.

    And I’m teaching a yoga class tonight. I would never have done that while drinking. Because I couldn’t hear my soul crying for yoga when I was drowning in wine and self pity.

    This is daring for me. Big daring! I’m excited.

  3. That is awesome!
    I’m sure you will find some people to talk with….our tribes, our sangha…they arrive eventually!
    Excited to hear about your class!!

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