Moments of grace

Lying on the couch this morning .

Slept in late. Breakfast finished. Drinking tea.

Emails read and now the dreaded FB. Why the “dreaded” FB?

I have such a love/hate relationship with it. I like how it keeps me in touch with people I want to be in touch with, however, I admit to having hidden almost all of my “friends” because I just don’t care about the minutia of their lives. I follow mostly inspirational sites, poets I like, yoga people (everyone has a FB site now). I find it to be an awful time-suck for me. I understand that that is entirely my own fault, I take complete responsibility. The constant checking, the way I use it to avoid doing other things; it sickens me. I just got a new phone and FB did not transfer over for some reason and I like it; I’m planning on keeping it off my phone. (However, I need Shazam back!)

Anyway, some days FB is not so dreaded. Sometimes I remember why I am on it. I am delivered something so wonderful that it makes up for all the noise. It can be a picture of a friend’s child, a video of something absolutely silly, a poem by a favorite author, a beautiful and inspirational post from an unexpected source, good news from afar or some information about a new film I MUST see, or new music that I MUST hear.

Today, as I lay on the couch and pushed play on a sound cloud link from “On Being” (a wonderful site BTW), I was transported.

It’s Sunday.

Fifteen minutes of bliss with Tim Fain, violin only, Bach’s Chaconne.

It was Church.

(It will do your Monday good!)





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  1. First of all….love that cozy room. LOVE it! The wood floors, the white molding, the peace sign pillow. Yes please!

    AND, I’m listening to your music as I type my reply.

    Freaking FB! The love/hate happens here, too. I’ve resigned myself to it twice/day (once in the morning and once before bed) and even then, it’s a time suck. But, like you, I find what I need to on there. There’s a site (Mothers of Boys) that I absolutely love and I click on every link they provide. Along with the time suck comes a bit of, hmmm, remorse (?) when I post something on there myself. Most often it’s pictures of my kiddos or something silly. Then, it feels like bragging and I won’t post anything for a while. Then, it’s just easier to never even look. Ugh. I would imagine that scientists will conduct some worthy, Nobel-prize stuff on the on the whole sociology of it, but I’m with you. Keep the Shazam and ditch the FB (from the new phone anyway…we aren’t barbarians!)
    Clearly–my tea was spiked with caffeine this morning)

  2. my apartment is awesome Michelle….
    up the stairs is a loft bedroom, so it is all open with high ceilings.
    i definitely lucked out.

    FB *sigh*, such a love/hate relationship.

  3. Oh wow. I just want to say what a stunning piece of music that is. Thank you 🙂 x

  4. Love the pic too.

    Not on FB. I might do it just for my running club. I spoke to my wife about it the other day and how I was worried about being hounded by people I didn’t want to connect with, but she said it’s in how you use it. My Twitter account is very active and I can control who and who isn’t there, for the most part. She said the same for my FB. She also replied that we’re so late into it now that most people don’t care any more…lol. So who knows. I just won’t use my full name.

    But I get it – Twitter is my drug of no choice these days, but I do love it. I connect with runners and recovery folks alike. It’s my community in my pocket…lol. Just today, upon awakening at 5am, I was on Twitter talking to an addict who relapsed on heroin (she’s in the UK). So it was useful to me to have that conversation. Kept me in the now and in the reason why we do this thing.

    Anyway, thank you for this!


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