NOT “singing in the Shower”…..



These are sweet little stairs that begin the lead-up into my loft bedroom. These are uncarpeted, the rest have carpet. It makes sense then, that as I ran dow the stairs last night in my socks, THESE would be the stairs I slipped on.


I found myself lying on the floor, sort of dazed. I knew not to move for a few, so I didn’t. I breathed long and slow yoga breathes, willing myself to be ok. Willing myself to have nothing broken. Willing myself to stay focused and unafraid.

After about 10 minutes I gingerly started moving, and, happily, could. Not gonna lie…I am sore and bruised. But I think about what could have happened and I am so grateful. Grateful indeed for my yoga because I am sure that helped in the way I fell and certainly helped in my breath work as I lay there. Grateful it was only three stairs and not a flight. Grateful I had my phone with me; I had been texting a friend and was able to text her as I figured it all out, knowing she would come if I needed her. Grateful I called another friend who I had spent part of the day with; it’s helpful to just have people who know . These are the times that living alone sucks, but knowing I have so many great friends to reach out to if need be is amazing.

I had to cancel my day today, which is a REAL drag because my new across the hall neighbor is moving in and it’s fricking noisy round here! I thought I’d be out and I had a lot to do. Instead I am icing and dabbing on essential oils and moving gingerly and hoping for the best.

Actually, knowing it’s already the best; like I said, it could have been awful and instead I am fine but sore. I can deal with that.

Here’s a pic of my bruised spine (it looks a lot worse than this picture, but there’s another drawback of living alone. Oh, and lotion on the back. So hard by oneself!)


(Do I want to put that here? Baby pictures and pictures of my bruised spine….getting a good picture of me in your heads? Hah!)

The main good thing about all of this is THIS….free filler post, courtesy of slippy socks and uncoordinated me.  Looking on the bright-side!

(I just got a message from a friend who suggested I say I slipped “dancing in the shower!” YES! You know the truth, but from now on that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)



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  1. Ouch 😦 Poor you. Rest up and take care in those slippy sober socks. Big hug Xx

  2. I’ve fallen down our carpeted stairs twice now. It’s like I’m the clutziest of all.

    I am sorry you are sore and bruised, here’s to quick healing.

  3. Yikes. Glad it’s just bruises. Scary. But I’m very impressed at how you reacted. Great awareness!

  4. I’m so glad you’re ok.

  5. Thanks for the love gang….
    so much better today.
    Grateful to just be sore

  6. I’m so glad that you are just sore and not broken. Now, before you call me sweet, just know it’s completely selfish. I may be just as excited as you for that January yoga training session you’ll be attending and nothing better happen to deter you from that.
    And yes, you danced down the stairs….I can totally see it.

    • my biggest fear right there, michelle.
      today i’m not feeling quite as chipper.
      holding steady

      • Well crap! Hang in there, Michele. The soreness and stiffness is always worse on day 2-4, right? Thank goodness you are a yoga gal…I have to believe your experience with breathing and stretching and the good physical condition your body is in will certainly help. Nonetheless, sending you good vibes of healing and strength. xo

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