How about #17

B1tt7d8IgAAv12y.jpg-largeThis one will be short and sweet.

This is a picture of part of my refrigerator that I took this morning.**

“What’s worth doing even if you fail“…. I must say that this isn’t my favorite suggestion, because if it’s worth doing then I believe it stands to reason that there is no “fail” involved. Taking a risk is, in itself, a big deal, a wondrous deal, and an automatic win.

So I KNOW I cannot fail at my Yoga Teacher Training in January. It’s literally impossible. I also know it is SO worth doing, whether I ever teach, whether I fall apart half way through, no matter what happens. It’s not a result I’m after, other than the one thing that IS perhaps guaranteed, which will be a deepening of my practice as I move into the Yoga Sutras and philosophy behind yoga, learn about the different styles, and become a little more confident in my own personal practice.

A deepening of my own practice.

Absolutely worth doing, absolutely NO way to fail.




** Just to be perfectly upfront here any posts I write are fluid, meaning when I say “this morning”, it could actually be a week ago when I started or wrote this post. Sometimes I hold them, sometimes I write 3 in a day when inspiration hits, sometimes they take me several days to write. Time is fluid in my blog. Just like in my life. I assume that the posts will happen on the day they were meant to.


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  1. No. There is no failing with yoga. It’s always practice.

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