Well, let’s do another one of these, AND with another bad picture!

#13 asks for a”Place where you can let your mind wander”….

today it was here:


I love my big. cozy couch. I do a lot of mid wandering on it. I generally sit down to do some work or some reading or something, but them I lean back and….

wait? what? Oh yes…the picture.

Today I woke up exhausted. I hate that, when you just don’t feel like you even slept? My phone was going crazy with texts and I had to pee and so I got up to take care of those things. I had planned on going to my regular Friday yoga class, but I was TIRED, and crawling back into bed seemed to make more sense. Happily I rethought that decision and threw my yoga clothes on and did my yogic duty.  I was glad of it; I always feel better, ALWAYS. On the way home I decided to treat myself to a chai tea latte from Coffee Bean. To my IMMENSE pleasure they have started serving their Holiday drinks and I was able to get a Winter Dreams Tea Latte, which was my go-to splurge drink all last holiday season. I was happy to see it…taking back the holidays is moving ahead, one sugary, high caloric indulgence at a time.

Now, it is, of course 90 degrees here in L.A today. So much for November, the notion of climate change (which will be addressed by Ted Cruz on the committee for science in the senate, a person who doesn’t believe in science….OY!), and the idea that the drink needs to keep me warm.

Those were just some of the places I let my mind wander to as I lay on the couch.

Also….. my balcony looks so bare with no plants, damn the endless summer that killed them all, but what could live now anyway and I guess I have to wait until spring to plant again, but will there even be a spring? Maybe a bunch of artificial… god my toes need to be re-done, badly! I really love that sugar skull pillow, so glad I bought it, it was so perfect for my ancestor altar… Oh , man, gotta get back on that, half taken down, I need to turn it back into my “shrine to me!”… I need to put some new things on there,   I wonder if those little pumpkins I have around my house will still be good by the 22nd and my  get-together? Well I can get more at Trader Joe’s…..I had better start thinking about food for that…  Damn! I though I could turn the AC off, this heat sucks, but maybe it will keep people from yoga tomorrow morning I’m working the front desk and way too slow at it with hordes of people coming in for practice, but it’s so cool I get free yoga for just a few hours of work….. I love bartering for work, such a pleasant way to live. Hey! what was that guys name who I have to meet for a wedding tour tonite? Oh, wait , where’s my phone because maybe this picture will fit in for one of the prompts for daring greatly, although there is nothing daring or great about this other than the fact that I am cozy and safe and happy in my home and that is GREAT!

I promise you that paragraph above was but a snippet, what I remember as I type this. My mind is very adept at wandering, and, frankly, most of the time I love it because that’s when inspiration strikes, right? When we just let our minds go. In meditation we attempt to get back to the breathe, to notice the wandering but bring it gently back to focus. Flopped on my lovely red couch I can go anywhere in my head, avoid any task, dream and fantasize to my hearts content and happily waste hours.

Not waste though. Wandering minds can be a joy, and this afternoon I had nothing to do, nowhere to be and I was content and happy. Courageous in just being me, a person who, many a time, would have rather been ANYONE else. Not any more. Hooray for me and my wandering mind! Hooray for calm, hooray for serenity.

I GOTTA get to work on that shrine…it works best when you’re feeling good about yourself, and I am.


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