Why on earth did I say out loud I was going to post every day during November?

I am picturing thousands of others with the same thought,  although they are all involved in NaMoBloPo (NaNoWriMo actually…I made up the other acronym for a place holder and am leaving it there instead of fixing it. It makes me laugh). THOSE nuts are writing a freaking novel this month. Jeez, at least I  kept my ambitions small.

However last night I saw a tweet, followed the link and found this….


I felt like Lois Lane being rescued by Superman, though in this case I am  thanking god for that Superwoman, Brene Brown!

Of course, as brilliant as this idea is, I am going to have twist it. and make it mine.

I have never shown myself to be ANY kind of a photographer on this blog, so a photo a day? Not so sure about that. I mean, I have an iPhone and I can use it, but I’m not sure how creative I can be. And I am also wrestling with the photo idea because this blog is so anonymous and pictures might destroy any mental picture you might have of me (good or bad, I don’t care….have at it! I am anything you want me to be!) . I also don’t want to put up pics of my son or my friends, I am very uncomfortable with all of that. So I have to think a little on that. My great blogging friend  Sassy takes part in a 52 photos (one a week) challenge on her blog and she is so creative about it, turning every prompt on it’s ear (or ass), and I think I’m too literal for that to work for me. But I’m sure there will be some photos.

I might have to play around with the order of these prompts also, because if I’m not feeling one or need a little more time for another well, let’s just say I may not be exactly orderly in my approach.

And, of course this blog will appear on November 7 anyway, which means I am already a day behind. Also, I fully intend to go back and forth with this idea, using it when i want or need to so that it might take me a little longer than 14 days to do it all, because:

MY blog. My rules baabay!

I will throw this challenge picture in every time I undertake a photo/song/story involving one of those 14 ideas up there however, and number them, so that I can have at least a LITTLE accountability and credibility.  That is the least I can do for finding this and breathing the huge sigh of relief I did that 14 (FOURTEEN!!) days out  of 30 will now be covered. I don’t know how well or creatively they will be covered, but I am grateful for the help from the Universe!


And now I am going to do one, and a picture at that! (whoo-hoo!)

I’m going to finish my story about the great Pippin snit with an update. I went, of course. And the play was a lot of fun, it felt really good to see a musical again (I really have avoided them side Tom died). And, while I was fine there alone, I have to say that there was a lot missing, and not just my husband. I go and see a lot of plays alone, no problem. Movies, fine. But a musical is just so much better when shared, when you can talk about it afterwards. Right now I want to talk about it with someone and I can’t. I want to laugh about all the musical theatre kids walking around singing songs from the show, and how, when there actually was a sing-along in the middle of the show the whole place erupted with song. I didn’t sing…I bet I would have had I not been alone though. Alone I felt, I don’t know…a little lost, in a way that I don’t at a regular play. But I laughed and clapped and people-watched and had , overall, a good time. And I’m glad I went. It was important for me to do it, it made me feel vulnerable and open to whatever feelings I might have and that’s good for me. And it re-iterated the fact that I need to ASK people to do things like this with me, and I will. Absolutely!

So I am going to call this one Number 16…Vulnerability. The picture I am putting here doesn’t look like that, but it is. Showing my wink in yesterday’s post was vulnerable for me, and tonite I have another one. The picture is the cover of the Playbill and beside it a page I tore out of it, the page that had a picture of the interview subject inside.




Nathan Lane.

Those who know will see the picture and, well, they will know.

For the rest of you, Tom looked a lot like Nathan Lane. He was mistaken for him quite a few times. Right before he died he had been flying back and forth to New York, auditioning and getting called back for a role in the touring company of The Producers.

When I sat down in my seat, awkwardly alone, I immediately opened the Playbill to read. Guess what page I opened to?

Never alone..” we’ve got magic to do”



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  1. Beautiful. I wish I lived near you to go with you to plays. The picture have me a lump I my throat. How wonderful to know you are being looked over!
    I love the photo list. Brene brown is my hero.

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  2. I wish I could have gone with you, too. I’m thankful for the bits and pieces you let us see, but know that there’s even more.
    And, wanna talk magic? I must have seen that same tweet from Brene. I printed it off and pegged it on my bulletin board. It’s because of YOU that I have that bulletin board. Remember the post about putting it out there–call and receive (I probably have the words wrong)…I do that because of you and it’s one of the best practices I’ve picked up in this whole writing thing.
    Do you know how I picture you? As a really hot, ageless woman with old-soul eyes, a yoga-fit body and a wry smile that calls bullshit whenever necessary.
    Am I close?

    • Perfect description….especially the hot body part! well, and the bullshit part too, tho I mostly call it on myself!
      and yes, it was a tweet that brought me to it. I don’t tweet much, but i do follow a few people, and this was a good one.

      How’s the novel coming??? I bet great! I can’t wait to read it!

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