Last Call, Best Song



#25: A song you could listen to all day without getting tired of”


This challenge has been a ball and  I must say I am sad to see it end. I’d like to thank C.K.Hope from (she told me about it) and twin daddy at for starting it all.

When I first looked at this I thought “ANOTHER impossible challenge”! Of course, I have found my way through all the impossible challenges of these  prompts, so I knew I could do this one too..

My first thought was to play a song that is on heavy rotation in my iTunes. Something contemporary by a band I listen to a lot, like Future Islands, or Elbow. Nick Waterhouse or Nick Cave. There were  other songs that I really wanted to use in one of the prompts but just couldn’t find the right spot for, like  In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel or Case of You by Joni Mitchell (hell, a lot of either of those artists!). I thought of whole albums that I love, by The Beatles, Traffic,  Arcade Fire or The Clash (to name a few) that I  play over and over. I figured no harm in choosing an album, when stuck for a song.

There is so much music I love that was not represented in this challenge, but everything that was represented was heartfelt and truly meaningful to me. And I don’t want to break that streak now, here at the end.

The song I chose  fits the criteria perfectly. I seriously add it into almost every playlist I have going. It’s always a bright and pleasant surprise when it comes on. It makes me smile, dance and sing-along. It makes me feel, and that feeling is mainly joy.

The opening words “Do you remember, the 21st night of September…” the birthdate of my son, wonder boy. The true and forever love of my life now. Good and bad times have been had, but love is the constant…he is my heart. And so this, I could listen to this song over and over and over, because it reminds me of him, my kid, my joy.



Now, what the hell am I gonna write about?





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  1. I’m not even worried about writing right now, lol. I think I’m gonna take a break.

  2. Love this song – grew up listening to these cats.

    Yeah, take a break. Put your feet up and eat chips.

    Thanks for sharing all your music!


  3. runningonsober May 26, 2014 — 7:05 pm

    Yay you!

    Seems like I recall a new book of 800 or so writing prompts?

  4. OMG…Love this song and absolutely love the reason why you picked it. PLUS, I love how you shared the part about having a “bright and pleasant surprise when it comes on.” That’s what I used to love about XM radio when I first got it. A song you hadn’t heard in years that makes your heart go, “Oh! I love this song! This might be my most favorite”….then the next one comes and you say the same thing 🙂
    Sorry I’ve been gone for a bit, I always send you happy thoughts and look forward to reading your words. As far as what you will write next? I have no doubt you’ll find something wonderful like you always do. xo

    • thanks..

      my boy!
      how are you, feeling well, doing well?
      I figure a lot of reading and tv!

      • I feel GREAT! Probably too good. I’ll be in the middle of something (yesterday it was hoeing the garden) and then CRASH…fall asleep without warning.
        I can still feel the fog from the anesthesia–hoping next week is even better. Thank you for asking 🙂

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