Oh, My Heart…..


#22: “A sung that someone has sung to you”

We’ve discussed my husband, the musical theatre maven.

Discussed what  a beautiful voice he had.

Discussed how happy I always was when he sang.

Discussed how he sang to me, often. How lucky I felt when he did.

This is a song , and a show The Most Happy Fella, that he adored. Early on he would play this music for me, and we saw this show several times during the time we were alive together.  I think he deeply identified with the character of Tony, for many reasons, which need not be discussed here.

Anyway, I remember the night he first played this album for me, sitting in his apartment in North Hollywood, not far from where I am living  now.  When this song came on he stood up and sang along, beautifully. He looked at me while singing, he sang it to me.

I wrote a post about hearing him sing “On The Street Where You Live” from My Fair Lady; how that was the moment I think I fell in love with him.

When he sang this to me that night, I think that might have been the moment he fell in love with me.

My Heart Is So Full Of You:



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  1. so moving. thank you.

    my husband is also a singer and in our early days once sang ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’ to me, changing ‘lad’ to ‘lass’ – and yes, I too felt that ‘click’ of his feelings for me changing as he sang…xx

  2. Oof. Heart melted.

  3. I’m really loving ALL of your posts on this song challenge thing Mish. There are so many layers of you that I now think of you as the onion girl; A Vidalia of course…not the burny ones.

    Only twice in my life has someone sung a song to me. The first was when I was 15 and standing on our front porch after being brought home by a 16 year old boy who I thought was the best looking thing I had ever seen. (He really was. I still think so.) He had a “wolf”-reputation but had treated me with the greatest respect and restraint which made me feel very special. He took my hand and began to sing …..hey there Little Red Riding Hood…you sure are lookin’ good…….” which was on the charts at the time. My heart did a thousand flip flops and I went weak in the knees – just like in the movies. I fell in love on the spot. It’s amazing what a song can do and how even now, it can melt 47 years away at the first note. Our little romance lasted 2 months, but I’ll never forget.

  4. I can’t say this one appeals but it is very romantic that your husband sings to you. And can.x

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