In My Life..


#21 :”your favorite song”


This is another one of those impossible prompts, because favorite anything is hard.

Life, at least for me, doesn’t really allow a lot of room for favorites. When I see these prompts I think “I’m done, I quit”..not in terms of the challenge but in that if I were to be able to settle on a favorite anything I might a well cash it in.  There is always a surprise left in life or…why? Right?

There are more of these prompts coming up, so maybe I should just say, for the record, I have NO favorite any song/band/style of music/ movie/book….maybe the new song I hear tomorrow will be my favorite. Who knows.

So with that I will put in a song that I like very, very much. That speaks to me. That I will always stop and listen to, that makes me smile and tear up simultaneously. That reminds me of my whole life and everyone in it, of love and loss and joy and sorrow….and that is beautifully composed and sung.


I really love this song, and am sure that I always will, which is as close to favorite as anything can get.






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  1. thanks for this today. need a smiling and weeping a bit emoticon…xx

  2. I think you answered this one perfectly and with one of my most favorite Beatles songs ever!

  3. This is just the most beautiful way you could answer a completely impossible question. Your daily writing is becoming my morning cup of hot tea. I love it! xo

  4. No need even to listen to this one. I heard it just the other day and it is a lovely choice.x

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