A Very Veggie Prompt

25-songs-blog-challenge5 #20 “The last song alphabetically in your iTunes”

This one is a wink.

I have no idea why this is the last song, seriously. There are several more that are alphabetically more appropriate, but this shows as the last song on my iTunes list and so I am putting it up. The wink? Well, I have described our family’s annual Xmas Cd before in another post, so I have a LOT of Xmas music on my iTunes.

However, Tom twice wrote parodies of The twelve days of Christmas and performed them to great acclaim at Choir concerts. On the last CD I made, the one I have him singing on, I have the first one he wrote. My favorite thing about it is not his voice (well, ok it is his voice but…-) but the hysterical laughter that accompanies the song and the racous applause at the end.  He was so funny, so talented, so loved. This song was probably a choice of wonder boys  to go on a CD, although it never actually made it on. He loved veggie tales and this song is awfully funny.


The 8 Polish Foods Of Christmas


and now, for those of you who don’t care about that one, here is what, alphabetically makes sense:

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  1. I love this. SO much. Don’t you just love how laughter, especially that which is recorded and remembers a space in time, can take you right back to that happy place? Priceless!
    You only have 5 days left! I’m gonna miss these daily posts (now that I’m getting caught up!)

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