25-songs-blog-challenge5 #18 “A song that you love but rarely listen to”

Before I started this challenge I was talking about a book of 642 prompts I have, and how I was going to attempt to write some of them. The last prompt I looked at was: “You get to be any singer you choose and get to sing one song in a live concert”. Well, I loved that prompt and I love this prompt because I am melding them together today.

I am, at heart a punk. While I am eclectic in my tastes of music, all over the place in fact, I loved the late 70’s early 80’s punk scene. I saw a lot of bands live because I had friends who followed and hung with one of the hot bands at the the time, The Weirdos. So seeing their shows made other groups available to me, and the L.A scene was fun.

But oh, the New York punk scene! the Ramones, The Dolls, Blondie, Talking Heads…..CBGB’s! I wish I had been there for some of that too.

My favorite performer/singer/poet/all around punk goddess was, and still is, the amazing Patti Smith. Her cool androgyny, her fearlessness, her beat poetry, her passion. man….I LOVE her. So whenI first chose the 642 prompt I though of doing a Patti Smith song and being Patti for a few minutes.  What song though? How could I choose? I stopped thinking about it though because I jumped right into this challenge and the 642 prompts were pushed aside.

The perfect storm occurred, however. I was sitting at my desk paying bills (I know) and the book was right next to me and in my way. As I moved it off to the side the radio station I was listening to played a song….a Patti Smith song. And I knew both questions had been answered for me. I hadn’t heard this for a while but love it,and if I could be her for a minute, this is the song I would choose.

I think picturing me at CBGB’s, singing to an oversold room, with the police there to close it down and yet mesmerized by the performance they were witnessing would be my perfect fantasy. But this clip is a pretty damn good second choice…in front of a live audience in New York and being beamed to millions all over the country on SNL.   And, BTW, this has been moved back into active rotation on my iTunes playlist.


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