Whoo-haw Whoo-haw! Gotcha!


#17 “A song that makes you want to dance”

I am a big fan of Merrill Garbus, also known as tUnE-yArDs . Her sound is unique and watching her lay out all the beats and then play them,  creating a whole experience of being able to really dig the music and see how it’s created at the same time is awesome. I also love Imogen Heap, another artist who technically imbues her music with electronic and techno beats yet has such a personal and emotional core.

I, of course, could come up with a zillion other danceable tracks,  but I’ve been talking about how I love contemporary music and yet all my songs are oldies, so I just went to my latest playlist for this.  It’s on every day, sometimes several times, and I am shaking my booty whenever it shows up . I was going to post the official video for this song, which is really fun, but then I saw this live performance from the Tonight show and couldn’t resist.  Live is so much better, right? And this has the added cachet of The Roots joining in at the end




I am adding this Tiny desk concert from 2011 as a bonus feature. It’s 15 minutes and this is where I first heard of tUnE-yArDs. I love these little concerts and just happened upon this  one day. Lucky me! This is a real up close and personal look at her process, stripped down.  And fun!


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