Guess What I’m Doing Right Now?


#15 “A song you love singing along too”

What don’t I love to sing along too? I admit to being a pretty horrible singer, off key and weak voiced, but that doesn’t stop me.

I sing along all the time. In the car I used to get those weird “who you talking to looks” all the time. With the advent of blue tooth everyone is moving their lips in the car  so it doesn’t seem so weird, right? I also sing in retail establishments,restaurants, grocery stores  wherever music is  blaring I am generally singing along.

Who cares?  Really, I don’t and I don’t think I ever have. I don’t dance like no one is watching, but I sing like no one is listening! My husband’s favorite joke used to be “when I was young I wished that I could sing, now I just wish that you could! (and he  could sing, yes he could!).

I have often stated that I would kill to invent a way to rid my brain of all the millions of songs that I know by heart, so that there would be room for new information, like the name of the person I just met yesterday, or where the hell my keys are. THAT would be a Nobel prize winner for sure.

Anyway, suffice it to say I can think of a zillion songs that I love to sing along to, old and new. But with this prompt, like several others, I really didn’t have to think long. A song popped into my head immediately and so that is the one I am going with.

I love this song. I think from the time I first heard it, besides it’s catchy rhythm and danceable beat, I connected to the words immediately. I believe I have always felt that this is what I wanted in a relationship…not movie star handsome, not overtly special in anyway, but someone who made me happy, and that I could do the same for. In real life I got more than I ever bargained for, but this song has always said it for me. When I was young I had a whole routine worked out to it (not unlike my Supremes work, but this is solo!) and would sing it into my hairbrush in the bathroom.

For years I listened to oldies channels a lot (the husband again, oldies and musicals. Sigh.) and so had plenty of opportunity to sing along at home or in the car. Now I don’t listen to the oldies stations.  I much more enjoy contemporary music, hearing new things, surprises. I realize that comment has some disconnect with the songs I have been choosing for this challenge, but the prompts are about my LIFE, and I am older than most of you reading this I imagine (by cracky! where’s my cane and rocking chair!), and so a lot of this music is older. If you were sitting with me right now though you’d be hearing the local public station that runs from a college campus and that plays new and upcoming bands. My favorite concerts are smaller clubs and unknown bands. I like electronica and rap and trip hop and rock and alternative and metal…whatever the titles they give to the genres of today. I am eclectic and adventurous in my musical taste and always have been.

But not in my taste for men. And not , apparently, in my taste for the first song that popped into my mind as a sing-along.

And right now? I am singing along….






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  1. Let’s do this. I come to CA, we hop in your car, drive everywhere, and sing horribly together. Love your song and that whole era of music–it makes me happy 🙂

  2. Motown is the best music to sing with!

    • that is true….
      i alway second guess myself, even when I am positive of the song I want, and all my choices were motown for the 60-70. Dancing In The Street, Heard it Through The Grapevine….I love love love all of those songs too!

  3. “I have often stated that I would kill to invent a way to rid my brain of all the millions of songs that I know by heart, so that there would be room for new information, like the name of the person I just met yesterday, or where the hell my keys are.”

    Yes! Me too! And me too to the singing anywhere and everywhere, though I tend to add that dancing like no one’s watching along with the singing on occasion! AND I want to go with you and Michelle on your car trip singing tour, that would just be too much fun!

    I almost used “Son of a Preacher Man” for my sing-along song, I love to sing along with the “oldies”!

    • “Billy Ray was a preachers son and when his daddy would visit he’d come along…:”
      I could go on, as I know every damn word! LOVE that song

      We will have an oldies CA tour….pack the car with bloggers and sing at the top of our lungs as we drive Pacific Coast Highway. It’s a brilliant idea!

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