#13 ” A song that reminds you of a former friend”

Well, this one really stirred me up. Former friends? To me that sounds like a bad thing, when so often, for myriads of reasons, we just fall out of touch with someone. No harm, no foul, life changes and we just aren’t friends anymore.

However, I do have one friend, my best friend growing up, more like my sister. I’ve written about her before, my nefarious friend.

We are definitely “former “friends for very good reasons, although she recently surfaced on FB of all places; just a picture, nothing else. I dare not friend her, but it is curious.

Anyway, 2 songs immediately came to mind about her, and I am including them both

The first is Summer In The City by The Lovin’ Spoonful. I remember EXACTLY where I was the first time I heard this song. My family was in a caravan of cars heading up the mountain for our annual summer stay at a friends cabin in Big Bear. There were 4 families headed up and, at that time, in our old cars, there were often instances of pulling over to let the car cool off a bit on that long drive up the hill.

So this is where we were, and the radio was blasting KHJ, the am radio of the time and this song came on and I remember it just BLEW MY MND MAN!!!!  I mean, it was SO BITCHIN’!!  Right after it played we pulled over en masse and I jumped from the car and ran to Susie’s car “were you listening? did you just here…” “YES! it was SO BITCHIN”!!”….and that song became the anthem for that summer trip toBig Bear, and  still reminds me of her and that exact moment to this day. The innocence. The joy and the love we had for each other, how  incredibly in sync we were.

Until we weren’t, at all.



Later the song was replaced by another, one that I couldn’t listen to for a VERY long time, even though it was by my favorite band. It was just impossible for me to hear the song in any way but the horrible new translation put onto it by a lunatic and a group of murderers. And it reminded me of her too…in such a disturbing way.  For years I would switch the radio channel when it came on, skip it on the album or CD, the memories and the pain were so intense. I can listen to it now, but in a very detached way and it is probably the only Beatle song that I truly do not care for (well, beside any of Ringo’s, but that’s obvious, right?). I spent no time looking for a old video of this one, this was the first I found and here it is

At times I still miss her. I wonder how it might have been different. But there was so much destruction in her wake, probably way more than I will ever, or ever want, to know.



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  1. Oh I want to know soooo much more about this!

  2. You are a woman of so many layers and I just love learning about each one. Like humans do (or maybe it’s a woman thing) we look for common ground and similarities with others. As I read your words, I kept thinking about my own friend and the probable path of destruction that would have happened in continuing that relationship. Isn’t crazy to be so happy/sad over one? To know that we are better off, but pining for a different outcome? It seems that you’ve found peace and so (like in your gratitude post) I’m going to follow suit.

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