It’s just a song!

25-songs-blog-challenge5#12 “The last song you heard”.

Can I just admit right up front how insane this day has been for me? Not in any awful way, not at all.

It’s Mother’s day, and while I miss my mother so much, I am a mother, and I spent much of the day with my son and it was lovely, really lovely. And as I write this I am listening to great tunes and getting ready to go to yoga.

No, the insanity of the day has been all around this prompt. I am coming completely clean here, writing this part of my post early, way before I will have heard the last song of the day. Oh, and since I am coming clean, I must say that I do write each of these a day early. I like to post at midnight. It makes me happy.  (Seriously, Talking Heads on now Psycho Killer!)I like the idea of the song being up all day. AND I also have begun working on some that are coming down the pike.  There are a few prompts that there is no question what the song will be, and so when I have extra time I start working on them. (Your Mamma by Kennedy..hilarious song for mothers day!)

The thing with this prompt  is I want to write about a song I really like. (Lazaretto, the new Jack White song on right now!) So I have turned the radio off a few times today after a particularly great song, hoping to manipulate the results.  I know I can get into my iTunes late tonite and pick a song I love and use it for his prompt. I know I can do that…but I don’t want to! I want to stay true to the spirit of this challenge and that, for me, means whatever is the last song I hear today. It’s 6pm right now, and my head is spinning. Should I make a time cut-off? (oh man Nightcall by London Grammar!) I know if Aimee is teaching yoga tonite there will be great music, if it’s Abbie there will be no music. I know when I drive home from the studio that music will be in my car. When I get  home I could not turn on any music but I am going to Watch TV…Game Of Thrones for sure and maybe more, so I will inevitably hear some music.( YIKES! Seasons by Future Islands!)

Arbitrarily then, I should put it at midnight. All this angst will be my actually post,and I will just serve up the song with no commentary (unless I have something to say about it). Hopefully I will be able to find whatever song it is on youtube. (Golden Brown, the Stranglers..I just Shazamed that).I could also switch the prompt to the first song of the day tomorrow , fitting the after midnight post?…(OMG, Golden Years is on, I love Bowie!)

The hits just keep coming!!

And now it’s time. 11:22, no more music tonite. The absolute truth would be that the last song, or piece of music I heard, was the theme song for VEEP (god, is that the funniest show on TV or what?) However, I am not sure that counts. So…my last song is called Black Sand, by a group called Seluah. Driving home from yoga, this is the song I was listening to. I had never heard it before, but from 8-10 on KCRW Henry Rollins has a show and it is awesome. Rollins is a seminal punk, fronted Black Flag, and knows so much about music and brings obscure punk and interesting tidbits to us, well me, every Sunday night. Anyway, I was worried it would not be you-tubable (coined that word!), but it was.

So…here it is, long, ok…not exactly what I might have chosen or manipulated, but the truth.


Oh, and since I’m talking about Rollins I thought I’d add a bonus song:




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  1. You’re a gem 🙂
    I loved everything leading up to your last song and am always happy to listen to a new one. Ironically, I was up past midnight, too. I caught a horrible case of writer’s block and I was trying to vomit the last bit out so I could complete my ‘highway’ post assignment for the today…still working…at least now, I can play some music.
    (Henry Rollins is cool!)

  2. Henry Rollins is my soul mate.
    He just doesn’t know it yet.

  3. Ha! I was trying to think how to manipulate the song too but it was getting too difficult! I try to write these up the day before (even a few days before) and preschedule them to publish, it’s been easier that way with how my days go!

  4. I’ve only just found out how to schedule too! Feel like a bit of a plonker having been here for nearly a year and only just discovering it. 😉 x

    • Hey there..,
      I’be been on here for 2 years or something and have no idea….HOW do you do it!

      • There’s an edit button beside ‘publish’ on the admin page. Where you would hit publish, click edit and set your date and time. Remember to click ok, then a ‘schedule’ button appears. Click schedule and Bob’s your uncle! Do watch out for 24 hour times. If that doesn’t explain it get back to me…I’ve maybe missed a step. But I think that’s good. All the best with it. It’s letting me prep posts for this music challenge to publish early o’clock then I can still do another wee post later. 🙂 x

      • Bob’s your uncle!! LOVE that. I went and looked and i see it. Who knew….Thanks!

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