the Paradise

25-songs-blog-challenge5 #11 “A song in the soundtrack of your favorite movie” I apologize, but you already know what I am gonna say here…FAVORITE MOVIE? Seriously? It is impossible for me to call a favorite movie, just like it was a favorite band, and for all the same reasons. Maybe I haven’t even seen my favorite movie yet, right?

So I am going with a song, well a piece,  from my favorite soundtrack of a movie. The movie itself, Cinema Paradiso, could easily be in my top ten favorite films. I adore this movie. But I really love the soundtrack. I love it alone and play it often, and I love the way it was so beautifully used in the movie.



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  1. Very peaceful. Serene.

  2. Moriccone is a genius…love his work!

  3. Loved that movie! Ahhhhhhh.

    • like I said, top 10 for sure…..
      but that soundtrack, so moving and beautiful…one of the few i really listen to a lot!

      think this challenge is so perfect for you…. you have so many other things going on, but maybe one month you could give yourself time to breathe and do this.. I’d love to see all your choices!

      • It is right up my alley isn’t it?
        I get nervous doing 2 posts a week. I’d be an anxious mess posting daily on RoS.
        Maybe I’ll do a 2 or 3 parter and do multiple songs each post. 😉

  4. My friend Sassy did it all in one post….picking songs with not a lot of explanation…you could do that, and let us write the story in our heads!

  5. I’ve never seen the movie but the music was beautiful!

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