Who’s The Boss?


#10 “A song by your favorite band”.

Are you kidding me with this prompt?

How the hell am I supposed to do a favorite band song, even a favorite band? That is  just plain crazy, and also impossible.  Look, I am of a certain  generation, so if someone stuck a gun to my head and demanded I choose, I could, and The Beatles would roll trippingly off my tongue. And it would be the truth, but, as we all know, there are bands for forever and bands of the moment. I have gone through MANY favorite bands, still do, and hope I continue to until I die. The Stones, The Clash, right now if I had to pick a band of the moment I would unhesitatingly choose Arcade Fire. Wait! Future Islands!! Oh no, what about….I think you see where this is headed.

All that aside,  since one of my main goals is to not think too much about any of these prompts and to go with my first or at least, early instincts, I  am going to choose a song from a band that would definitely be on at least my top ten list, and has been for over 40 years.

I love Bruce Springsteen, have since the 70’s. I still do, I  listen to his music all the time along with more contemporary favorites. I think he’s still relevant and the band is great.

Early on  though, the infectious joy of his music, the big ones, Thunder Road, Born To Run…..and the song I am choosing, Rosalita.

I am not really choosing it because it’s my favorite song, but because I have awesome memories of the E Street Band in concert, sitting in crowds of thousands of fans, singing along to tune after tune. (I was lucky enough to see the band 3 times). But whenever Bruce breaks this song out, watch out! The crowd goes insane, the singing along gets loud and when the words come “Rosalita, JUMP a little higher”….the whole crowd in whatever stadium you happen to be sitting in jumps in one collective mass….that is pretty awesome, shaking the rafters with joy and jumping. In the early years Bruce and The Big Man would slide across the stage on their knees, this is definitely their show-boating song! A band that has that kind of power is awesome to witness. A lot of bands have this power, but for pure, unadulterated rock ‘n roll joy Bruce and the E Street Band…the late lamented Clarence Clemons, Little Steven Van Zandt, the powerhouse that is Max Weinberg….such an amazing force on record, but even more so in live.

A couple things I love about this particular clip is that Springsteen turned 60 that year (2009) and Clemons, while sidelined to sitting a lot, was still alive and blowing like the god he is. What a great band!





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  1. Fantastic pick!
    If you need a stand-in for favorite song, this is a great way to go.
    I wasn’t much of a fan til I saw him live. What a great show!

  2. Love him, the band and Clarence. When I think of Bruce, I still see his cute little butt on the cover of that magazine. Classic.

  3. magazine? What? I meant album cover. Goodness…wish I drank coffee.

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