Hope is that silly thing…..

25-songs-blog-challenge5#9 “A song that makes you hopeful”


This is a really  hard one for me.  I am and always have been  a cup half empty kind of  girl.  Maybe I am inching into 5/8th full, but I am never going to be Susie Sunshine. I think I find hopefulness today in pragmatism, if that makes sense.

I am aging,  things happen good and bad, we’re all gonna die.  Trying to be the best we can be , here and now, is all we can do, right?

I think that there is hope in that message.  Each day we do our best, we let people know we love them, we live as if it’s our last day on earth and take the joy we can from life as it presents itself. And there is a lot of joy and hope in every day, every moment we have here. Knowing that it can end in a second makes it more, not less important.

In my grief groups we co-leaders are asked to “hold the hope” for those going through the process. The hope that things will get better, or slightly less awful. That even though someone they love has died that life still holds sweetness and joy. And I always also hold the pragmatic view for them…that your hope changes, that even the word changes for you. And yet you can still find a reason to live and be helpful and useful and happy, not all the time, but most of the time.

In AA we hold that same kind of hope. That whatever happened before has the capacity to be  changed with a new, sober perspective and that we get a new start, a chance to live a different way. And to be useful to others as we work on ourselves.

So here’s the song I chose, for me, today. I think it is both pragmatic and hopeful, reminding me to choose life even knowing that it is fleeting, an illusion at best, that hopefulness and hopelessness are just two sides of a coin and that we each, for ourselves, have to come to realize what it is we are willing to choose in each moment.




And then I have to add this, HAVE to. At one time in my life this was my favorite song in the world. I sang it constantly. It is definitely a more conventionally hopeful song, one that I loved as a child before life started happening. It certainly makes me happy even now though, as I remember that little girl who was full of hope and possibilities. She’s still here, just changed. I may have to dig deeper to find her but I get glimpses every once in a while and that is good. And it is certainly beautiful.

And Frank Sinatra. ‘Nuff said





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  1. Why ya gotta make a girl cry first thing in the morning?

    Loved this. ALL of it. I’m a huge fan of pragmatism–so much so that it can get in the way of fully feeling joy. I like the way you describe and apply it–just reminds me that I can tweak my thoughts a little bit and better recognize hope when it presents itself.

    “Ooops there goes another rubber tree plant!”

  2. What a great song Mish.

    My song, since I’m not doing the challenge I’ll just play in comments:

    I’m not even sure what he’s singing, but it makes me feel peace. Makes me feel hope.

  3. I love “holding the hope” for each other. Love. That.

  4. I love High Hopes! I’m always seeking out hope and I take it wherever I can find it. I had gone so far as attempting to name my youngest daughter Hope, which would have worked right up until my husband asked why I was so adamant about giving her that name and I said, “So when things look down I can hand you the baby and say here, hold Hope!”

    I should have kept that to myself until after she was named 😉

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