First “love”?


” Song that reminds you of your first love”

I originally read this as “lost love” and was worried about it, how to choose  just one song that reminds me of my “lost” love?

First love is different though.

I didn’t have a lot of loves in my life until I met Tom, but I have one before him that was not a great relationship, but I did love him, and I think he loved me in his crazy way.

A song though? Wow. This is hard in a very different way. We never had “a song”. We were together off and on for a few years, a relationship of convenience, mostly (in our 20’s, fooling around…neither faithful). I “loved” him more than he did me, although when I finally, absolutely quit him, which is when I started dating Tom, he went a little berserk. All of a sudden he was in love, even proposed to me.  He didn’t mean it, it was ridiculous. I guess I became much more appealing when I was unavailable.

Anyway, I am not going to belabor this post. This is not a romantic song, nor is it one that “we” liked. As a matter of fact I would say it not only refers to this guy, but all the relationships (and I use that word very loosely!) I had early on, before Tom. I wasn’t ready and I wasn’t particularly discerning.

This song was a big hit while we were together though, and the first I thought of, so , ladies and germs, I give you this Marilyn Manson version of  Tainted Love….





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  1. OMG…this is delicious! I hadn’t seen the MM version. Good stuff!
    And, btw, we’ve all had that person we need to quit, right? Long out of love, but there are still random times he crosses my mind. Thanks for a little nostalgia, Michele. I’m gonna dig out my REO Speedwagon album 😉

  2. runningonsober May 8, 2014 — 7:46 am

    Perfect song. “Need You Now” by Lady A kind of feels like this to me.

    The MM version of Tainted is one of my favorite running songs. So is Sweet Dreams Are Made of This.

  3. This is my favorite version of Tainted Love!

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