Dragon Music



“A song that reminds you of the past summer”

Last summer was a bit of a blur to me.

I was selling the home I had lived in for 22 years. The home I raised my child in, loved my husband in, hosted countless parties in. It was a very hard summer..well, spring too, getting the place ready. But it was shown on June 1st and the bidding began. I was out by August 8 (the day before my birthday, irony much? )I thought I’d be spending it in Paris and instead I was knee deep in such hard work, both physical and emotional that it took me a while to recover.

One clear memory of that time was actually getting sick.  I contracted a nasty sinus infection and it really had me down for the count. Work was impossible, my head ached, my body was weak, it moved into my lungs and I couldn’t breathe or talk or exert myself.  The only thing I could do was take care of myself. I just had to STOP, I had to give in so I could get better and move ahead with the sale.

Enter Game Of Thrones. Streaming on Netflix…all 3 seasons. I had been told by many people to watch the show, that I would love it, and this seemed a perfect opportunity. I could lie on the couch, watch a couple of episodes and see if  I liked it.

Well, by the second episode  I was hooked and I watch the entire series in a week…39 hours? Since I was so sick and no one bothered me I found myself unwashed, eating whatever food was around the house, often with my hands. It was as if I had descended into my own personal version of living in Westeros.

When it was over I was healthy again and got on with my work, but must admit that the waiting for season 4 to begin was excruciating, and even now it is killing me to wait a week between shows.

What will happen to John Snow? Will Khalesi release the dragons to win back the Iron Throne? Poor Sansa, can she ever catch a break? And the Lannisters..well, fuck the Lannisters (except Tyrion, I have a thing for him even though I generally go for taller men).

So I give you the song than reminds me the most of last summer, which, except for one week, was a blur of activity and angst.

And it sure doesn’t hurt that it features a picture of my first GOT love, the late and VERY lamented Ned Stark.



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  1. thank you for the morning treat of Ned Stark – one of my lovelies too!

    I re-watched the first three GoT seasons last winter while in the early stages of getting sober….while watching them first time round there was always wine in my hand which is why I could never remember who was who. now I can. even the minor characters 🙂

    here’s a little GoT geekery for you. have a lovely day 🙂


  2. I have GOT to get Netflix! Game of Thrones sounds like something right up my alley and haven’t gotten to watch a single episode. I’ve missed a couple days of your song series, so I hope to hop back on that later today. I love reading these!

    • GOT is amazing.
      be forewarned though, it is so addictive…stock the house, tie up the family and surrender to the awesomeness!

      • Good to know…my white flag is washed and pressed!
        Actually, I’m having surgery soon and am supposed to be not doing anything for 2-4 weeks. That’s a season/week, right? Find the blankets and Reece’s…I’m doing this!

  3. I’m finally watching GoT, into season 2 and well let’s just say- if I ever have had to pick between only being allowed to watch GoT or Walking Dead for the rest of my life, I’d miss the Walking Dead (but don’t tell Daryl I said that)

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