Oh my God New York can talk…




“A song that is often stuck in your head”

I was going to repost the Tiki room song because that has been stuck in my head since I made the mistake of putting it there, front and center on Saturday. Then the next most obvious song popped into my head as an ear worm for a few hours (lets just say it is also a Disneyland song and has the words “small” and “world” in it’s title.  AARRRGGHHHH!).

However, today I was saved (as were you…you’re welcome!) from those disasters. I was saved by the word “often” in the prompt. That meant it could be any numbers of songs that I get caught up in and so I had some to choose from.

I get caught up, stuck in songs quite a bit. When I was younger, before internet and the ease of finding the lyrics to songs we like, I would play songs over and over, hell bent on learning every word so that I could add it to my “imaginary rock star” repertoire. Over and over I’d play it, my parents screaming at me, my sister (who I shared a room with) whining…”please make it stop”! I never made it stop.  I was obsessed with music and THAT song (whatever it was at the time) in particular.

I am still like that to a certain extent. I find a song I like, download it from iTunes and play the shit out of it until I’m sick of it. It may be a dance tune, a song that I like the lyrics too,  a song that puts me in a certain mood, a song by a voice I love…whatever the reason. I’m loyal too; there have been very few songs that obsessively stuck with me that I don’t really still love, that are not still on  a few of my playlists.

All that to say that this prompt was a bit harder than I originally thought it might be. I was NOT going to play something ridiculous, a typical ear worm song that it so ubiquitous that everyone has it. I didn’t think I would have to put  much of any thought into this but I did, because some new music has come out lately by some of my favorite people and so there is a lot to choose from. And I have been listening to several old cuts a lot lately too….what to do, what to choose???

And then I went to look at videos for a few of my choices and it became very clear which song I wanted to put here.

I love the band Elbow, have for years and they keep getting better and better. I bought this song right when it came out, ahead of the actual album, the first dayI heard it played on our local public radio station KCRW.

The video  that goes with the song is awesome and I really identified with it. When she says “I spend all my money on gas and bands” I remember a time when I did that. I still love live music and go to as many concerts as I can. This story moved me,made me cry.  I saw many of those bands or wished I had and they are all on my own playlists. The relationship portrayed is so lovely, their bond over music so special.

AND the there is another great song from Elbow.

“Oh my god New York can talk. Somewhere in all that talk is all the answers….”




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  1. I’m having so much fun reading (and listening) to your tunes. Can’t wait till tomorrow 🙂

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