Serenity NOW!


Day 4

“A song that calms me down”

I immediately knew the song I was going to use for this prompt, a song that I hear often in yoga class. My beginning flow teacher, the amazing Aimee, creates wonderful playlists.  I find most yoga teachers do, whether they go for ambient sounds or electronica, spiritual music or rock’n roll. It is always clear that they have chosen very carefully, and I often find myself asking after class about a particular song.  Sometimes I am too deeply immersed in my practice to select out songs, and the music flits in and out of my brain, all of it calming and centering.  Music can add so much to a class, particularly in vinyasa flow. Starting quietly as we warm up, gaining momentum in the center of the practice as we are doing our poses, moving from one to another. Finally taking us deeply into ourselves in sevasana.

I had asked Aimee about a  particular song several months ago, and have heard it played often ever since. It is by an Iclandic band called Sigur Ros. Now, I didn’t remember the name of the song but thought it would be easy to find…hit iTunes, skim through a few pieces and there it would be.

Well.  Can I just say that finding this song did not in any way calm me down? Like I said, the band is Icelandic, and all of their songs have crazy Icelandic names, which I will not even attempt to replicate here.  I figured I’d find it quickly  though, how hard could it be?  And so I began with track one, playing snippets to see if it was the right piece.. Track 2. Track 3. track 4. Track 5.

I was  actually enjoying this exercise for a while, because I really like the band and was hearing pieces I hadn’t heard before.

Track 15. Track 22. Track 35. Track 47….

Seriously? At this point I am starting to be anything but calm. I am the opposite of calm.


Track 56. Track 65. Track 72.

Track……72! FINALLY!! I found it . Track 72, after what felt like forever listening to song after song. After deciding I didn’t really like this band anyway, what was I thinking and now what song will I choose to write about and whatever it i it sure as hell better calm me down!

But then I played the song, the whole song. Stretched a little and found that my choice was  still good. This song really does calm me down, even though it might not feel as potent  right now.   It brings me right to the mat and the peace and serenity I find in my yoga practice. It brings me home. ****



**** Addenda:  All those crazy Icelandic names and the song is entitled Olsen Olsen?  I was reminded of the Olsen twins from Full House. Which made me laugh right out loud. Which led me to the fact that Tom wrote for that show for several years. Which led me to the thought that this calming song may just be a wink, yes?

Which makes me very happy, and I love it even more.





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  1. just listened to this song on a sunny spring morning in England… then read your PS… calming and joyful. couldn’t be better. xx

  2. Ha! You had me laughing out loud at your lack of calmness finding your calming song! The song, not one I knew, is beautiful and calming, I’m glad you finally found it!

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