Parental Indescretion

25-songs-blog-challenge5Song #3

“A song that reminds you of one or both of your parents”

I remember the parties.

God, the parties!

My parents had a gang, a clique, a group of friends that they hung with. As children started arriving we kids became “cousins” and all the parents wore “Aunt” or “Uncle” as their honorifics.

My parents had the Christmas Eve party every year.

Ken and Barbara (yes, really, like the dolls. Don’t think it went unnoticed by us “cousins”!) had a few pool parties.

Lynn and Phil and Don and Betty came to the parties with delicious food and lots of booze.

Donna and Rich. Donna and Rich had THE summer parties. The Tiki parties. Their backyard had a pool and a pool house. The concrete walls around the pool were painted in some unspecific island motif, as was the pool house. Tiki torches everywhere, stuffed tropical birds, nets and shells hanging. The biggest pool, the one in which almost all of us cousins, at one time or another, were saved at the last second from drowning by a less than sober adult. In the pool house there was a pool table. I learned to hustle early (though it was not a skill that lasted much past my early 20’s), and we all learned how to cadge drinks while uninterested adults got their party on.

Couple all of that with our penchant, as Southern Californians, for heading to Anaheim for birthdays in all of our families and we often went as a “family” group. I’ve only lately begun to remember the flasks the parents emptied to counter the dry days of Disneyland prior to Downtown Disney and the relief of a quick hop out of the park for a drink!

That whole group, save Barbara and Betty, are dead.

Here , in memoriam to the good times (and they were good times and great memories even though I snipe) I give you :





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  1. Ha! Nothing like Disney to go with drunken memories!
    (I understand their child stars feel the same way.)

  2. The Enchanted Tiki Room looks like so much more fun than the Small World ride (which actually used to creep me out when I was a kid)! Great memory and I loved the video! 🙂

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