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25-songs-blog-challenge5Song #2

“A song that reminds me of my most recent ex-boyfriend/husband”



Well, I have written before (and surely will again) about my on-line dating frustrations. Funny, infuriating, ridiculous, sad, repulsive, scary…so many ways to describe these random encounters that have all, save one, been complete disasters. I did have one little “relationship” early on, before I was writing here. He was a sweet man, funny, loved to drink like me and was dead sexy. The timing was bad however, as timing often is.

I was trying to think of a song I could relate to him, and there are many, but they were all songs HE liked, vs. anything that had to do with me and him or me in relation to him or the relationship in general. And, as it should be, this blog is all about ME.

SO, I give you the first song that popped into my head, and grateful for it. It reminds me that if there is another love for me it will come in it’s own time and way. It is also a song that my friend Elisa and Teri and I had worked out to perfection, each of us fluidly moving in and out of lead into back-up singer, shaking our 8th grade booties. The lesson was taught me early on and still holds true today.





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  1. I’d love to see a video of you and your 8th grade buds doing your moves. Now THAT would be dead sexy 🙂

  2. You can never ever go wrong with that tune.

  3. I’m with Michelle, I’d love to see you and your 8th grade buds doing your moves! 🙂

  4. It is a great tune….
    and we were awesome as the Supremes. I wish I had a video, but it is indelible in my mind.

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