because this looks like fun…

25-songs-blog-challenge5Why is this so small?

Well, pull out your magnifying glasses and join in if it seems like fun to you.

Yes, I know, 642 prompts….that’s a book and  I can do that anytime. I guess, technically, I can do this anytime too, but why not now? I am going to play by the same random-ish rules though. Whatever comes into my head, first idea, is what I will go with.

#1. Christmas in Killarney

I was always obsessed with Christmas as a child. I’m not sure that is all that unusual, it’s a pretty fun time of year, but I was particularly greedy. My parents had an annual Christmas Eve party that was more and more fun as each year passed. It was there I learned that I liked the taste of alcohol. I learned this because it was my habit to drain people’s glasses. Left on their own too long I’d hit it. When I was really young I vaguely knew I shouldn’t be doing it because the adults would take the glass away and chide me for drinking it, all the while laughing hysterically at the fact that I did.

Mixed messages indeed! But I digress.

Bing Crosby’s Christmas Album was IT for me! Oh I just could not wait every year until we could pull it out and get it on the record player. Over and over it played. I seriously don’t remember anyone being annoyed by my constant blasting of it, but then I was a greedy child, like I said, and it would not have mattered a lick to me. I loved his Christmas specials too, oh lord! When all the stuff came out about how Bing really was with his family, I was so shocked and upset. I felt so betrayed; that happy, smiling, singing family? The family that was not like mine?  Devastating!

Anyway, this song, Christmas in Killarney. The best song in the world. If I played the album a hundred times I replayed this song another hundred. I remember doing little jigs around the house (my mom was Irish and a dancer and showed me how to jig) and singing, badly, at the top of my lungs  “the holly green the ivy green the prettiest picture you’ve ever seen”. I first heard about mistletoe in this song and always made my parents buy some for the annual party. This song evokes good memories, happy ones from my childhood.

When Tom and I were married he was, oddly enough, an even bigger Christmas nut than me and had hundreds of CD’s of music. One year he decided to make a mixed CD of songs and give it as a gift to our friends, and that became a family tradition. He curated it, I chose one song as did our son, and the kid even drew a picture each year to demonstrate that years theme. It was really a fun, family affair. I was constantly pushing for Christmas In Killarney as my choice, but it kept getting vetoed. I don’t think Tom hated the song at all, I just think it never fit with the theme of the CD or there were better songs….whatever. It really was his baby and I didn’t push it.The Christmas after he died I decided to make one last CD. It was hard work, the songs were chosen very specifically and it really was grief work. I am glad I did it for many reasons, but I  finally got my song on there. Every year when I listen to the CD’s there are lots of good memories, just as  from the Christmas’s of my childhood…and Christmas in Killarney links them both together for me.


(I have added two versions…the original Crosby one, and then the version by the Irish Rovers that I chose for the CD I made. I told you I was greedy!)






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  1. Yay! I’m glad you decided to do this too! And great song choice, it brought back childhood Christmas memories for me 🙂

    • we’ll see if i can do all 25 days. I think the trick will be keeping them short and sweet.
      I actually have tomorrows song picked and working on it in my head. It a brilliant idea!
      Can;t wait to see yours too

    • YES!!
      I will be posting them here, but C.K. Hope (see above comment) is hooked into the original site that started it all..and has listed others doing it on her website. Check out her entries and go for it!!

  2. Oh Michele,
    I am just loving and devouring the read on these pieces of you. As I started to read, Bing’s happy voice filled my head and I could see the scenes of family happy at your house. Brings a smile to my face.
    I also love your family CD idea as a gift to others…no doubt your family and friends cherish those happy memories of you and yours. I’m so glad that you are sharing them with us now…I’m sensing an invigorated spirit from your neck of the woods and it’s inspiring a smile on my face this morning.
    Thank you!!

    • are you just the sweetest person on the face of the planet?
      I’m just asking, so i know for future reference!

      I might have a post in the archives about the CD’s….I’ll see if I can find it and reference it for you. It really was a special thing we did. Frankly, Christmas has never been the same for me, it makes me sad that I’ve lost it. But I am ever grateful that i did that final CD on my own, it is still the one i listen to the very most, and it even has Tom singing on it, so it is especially special.

      I appreciate your encouragement!

      • Ha! Ha! You are too cute!

        Pretty sure that the people who are stuck living with me would definitely NOT put me in that “sweet” category.

        I would LOVE to see the CD post from the archives. As I read this morning I couldn’t even imagine how difficult it must have been to make the first one after Tom was gone. I never want to make you sad, so I won’t mention him often, but I send you little happy vibes when I see you talk about him.

        I laugh because you tell me that you appreciate my encouragement….ha! I appreciate YOUR spirit, resilience and a wicked sense of humor emerging from a long winter. It keeps me going some days.

  3. I binged and did all 25 songs in one day. Totally hungover now.

    • I spit tea out when I read that!
      I hope we get to see the songs?
      Just put up one a day with whatever else you are writing about…
      Do It, Do it, Do it!!!

      Long-winded me has got to learn to keep them short and sweet or I will never make it through!


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