I am struggling with FaceBook.

I have been for a while now. I am appalled by the time I waste on it, and the fact that I just described the time I am on it as wasted says it all.  The comic Elayne Boosler called it a “clock-sucker”; I heartily agree.

It wouldn’t matter if I could moderate it,  but I can’t seem to moderate anything. I know people who have proscribed times when they go on, for “just one hour” , blah, blah, blah.

Look, good for them, god speed, that ain’t me. I have too many friends who share too many interesting and fun videos and quotes and pictures and I get sucked in. Then I also am involved in some groups, so I have to check those. I also have an addiction to Candy Crush, HOWEVER, Level 245 is finally going to be the end for me. Not because I’m so disciplined I’m going to quit, but  because it seems impossible to win and I am tired of it.

I want to write more here, and about different things. I’m not sure what but I don’t think about it because I’m too busy on FB.

I want to read, damn! I love to read and have several books going but I read so little because, FB.

Magazines. I have magazines, subscriptions, sitting around, unread…FB

I want to watch some great TV shows I missed, and knit while I am doing it. However, FB

I  need sneakers (I know Susan!) for walking, I want to go to more yoga classes, FB, FB!

I am blaming everything on FB and enjoying it. There is some truth to it, but the real truth  is that FB is an amazing avoidance tool and I like to avoid and  procrastinate. It’s a character defect. As is the jealousy and envy I get sometimes looking at others lives, the judgement I have towards people who I don’t agree with, the sarcasm and tone I can take with some of the posts I make.

Its not all bad. I LOVE seeing peoples pictures, especially people who live far away. FB is so immediate, things happen in real time, I love that. I love the way good news is shared so quickly, and  I’ve heard bad news fast too, sad but helpful. It is life happening. But it’s happening on my computer when I am home alone in my sweats instead of participating in it. Sometimes I think  I might as well stick a bottle of Jack in the desk drawer , things are so similar to that dark time. The other day I got up, turned my computer on, checked emails and went to FB. Read my  feed, checked my groups and it was 2 1/2 hours later.

NO! Just no.

I am deeply disturbed by this and that means something has to change. I already hid a bunch of people so that has cut down traffic, but it’s not enough. Am I gearing up to attempt moderation? To take a specific amount of time off? To only look at certain groups? To dump it all together? I don’t know, I really don’t.

I just know this is not contributing to my best self. It helps out my lazy, isolating, lonely self, but that’s not who I want to be.

I want to be free of this monkey on my back, this time-sucking vampire, this voyeuristic and self-serving addiction.

Anyone out there have any ideas?

(I, of course, asked that question on FB and didn’t get any good responses. Except for the Elayne Boosler joke. That was a good response.)



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  1. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/12/30/reasons-quit-facebook_n_4493791.html?ncid=edlinkusaolp00000009

    An article from The Huffinton post on why you should quit Facebook in 2014. (I found it on Facebook)

  2. Good luck getting off.
    I was only a member for about two weeks. Then Zuckerberg decided he didn’t care about my privacy, and I decided I didn’t care about his website.

  3. I have seriously cut back, and my life has not suffered ONE BIT. It’s immensely dissatisfying to feel “ruled” by FB and all the bad feelings and habits that it engenders. Take a break, and see what you come up with to replace that time with–you’d be surprised how much clearer you are! xx

  4. Um… FB sponsor?
    Your face is nicer in person anyway.

  5. I went cold turkey for about 3 weeks over a year ago. I deactivated my account so I wouldn’t be tempted to peek. I think just breaking the daily habit helped. I sign on, now, an average of once a week. If that. I kept my account bc of a few friends and family members, and it’s a good way to see pictures from an event. But really, just take a break from it. If people need you, they’ll find you or call you.

    Oh deactivation isn’t the same as deleting. It hides you from everything but if / when you sign back in, all your data comes back. It’s like hibernation.

    More and more are moving away from Facebook. Most people are getting fed up with the changes and privacy concerns.

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