Doubling Down

This is my friend Sassy, who lives up to her name. She is a wonderful writer, born to it, and I cannot recommend her blog highly enough.

She inspires me all the time, but she really inspired me on Saturday when she set an intention for her running practice that day and posted it on Face Book. Now, when I go to yoga I always set an intention for my practice, and Sassy is a yoga teacher herself and does the same. But on Saturday, suddenly she was running with intention, and I loved that. I do  not run, but I live, and living with intention seems a noble pursuit, no? So I decided to set an intention for my day yesterday…loudly and publicly on Face Book, just like Sassy.  I did it again today. I’m planning on doing it again tomorrow and every day, because it resonates with me and moves me.

I guess others have taken it up too..and that is so lovely. Sassy inspires as good as she writes.

How about you? Does the idea resonate? Have any interest in having an intentional day? Or maybe you’ve been doing this for years? I will revisit this in a week or two, two days in does not a practice make, but my intention is to live with intention, daily. Imagine if we all did, what wonders might occur.

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