I’d like to thank the Academy….

capture22Since I am one of those kind of completely clueless bloggers, I had never heard of a Liebster award until I was nominated for one by Maggie on Sober Courage.

My first question is who the heck is this Liebster and why does he/she give an award? The award is for newer blogs or blogs that have less than two hundred subscribers. This already screwed me up  as one of the  blogs I am going to nominate here just received 202 subscribers today. (with great fanfare, I might add, and well-deserved) Bucking the trend here, I guess. But what are trend for  if not to buck? And I have always imagined myself as kind of a rebel.

So, there are questions I have to answer, random facts about myself I have to offer and then new questions I have to devise for all the people I nominate. Seems like a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. I already passed the first hurdle, which was figuring how to get that Liebster Award badge to appear on my blog. So Im going in for the rest! let’s see how this goes…

  • Acknowledge the nominating blogger
  • Share 11 random facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger that nominated you has created for you
  • Nominate 11 new bloggers
  • Post 11 questions for your nominees to answer
  • Let all the bloggers know that they have been nominated; but you cannot nominate the blogger that nominated you.

First let me acknowledge Maggie, 5 years sober. Sober bloggers and that community has meant a lot t me in my own sobriety, and I am very grateful for people like her that will open share their journey with others. We can’t do this alone people, no way. Do thank you Maggie for being there. She has lots of good info and tips on her blog, check it out!

Now. 11 random facts about myself…hmmm..

– well, lets start with what I said above, about always having imagined myself a bit of a rebel. Hippie in the 60’s/70’s, punk rocker in the 80’s, world music aficionado in the 90’s and rock and roller all the time. I feel like I should be wearing black leather pants and a bra top. Sadly, that’s not a good look for me.

– I bought a new couch, made to order,  that didn’t fit into my new apartment (there is a blog coming about that for sure)

– since getting sober I basically only drink tea and water. Lots of both

– I eat paleo-ish and have done 2 whole 30’s (look it up, good stuff people!)

– I could quite happily eat avocado every day. Oh wait, I do quite happily eat avocado every day.

– I don’t watch too much TV but what i do watch I am obsessive about : Dexter, Game Of Thrones, SYTYCD, Newsroom and my newest favorite, Ray Donovan. I never watch them in real time, recording and on demand are my best friends

– I am a widow, and my blog reflects that, as well as sobriety and just life in general (like the couch thing)

– I love to do jigsaw puzzles

– I have a son who is turning 21 on September 21st. I am in denial about both his age and mine. On that same date I will turn 2 1/2 years sober. Not in denial about that. Grateful

– i do yoga

– laughter is a sign to me. Make me laugh and I am yours. I chose my sponsor because of her laugh. I chose my husband because he made me laugh. Laughter tells me things are right and ok. I didn’t laugh for a long time, and once I started again i knew I was gonna be ok.

11..I did it!

Now I have to answer Maggie’s questions:

  1. Do you believe laughter is the best medicine?……..I think laughter is the best thing in the universe, medicine, signpost, feeling….well, I guess I said it above.
  2. Do you remember the 80’s era well? Did you like it?……… I remember it well and loved it. I had a ball at punk clubs, following bands, being crazy. I also met my husband in the 80’s and started on that miraculous journey, so I have a fondness for that decade…met in 85, married in 89. Good years.
  3. What kind of smoothie sounds really good right now?…….. Blueberries, bananas and vanilla coconut yogurt. I wish it wasn’t 1 am, I’d be all over that!
  4. Why did you decide to blog? …….hmmm. that’s a good question. I think I originally started just as a journal of sorts. I kept my blogs hidden I also was really interested in getting into some spoken word/reading groups and was writing stories, true ones that I thought might make good pieces.  I don’t know what caused me to start pushing “post” and being more open, but I am glad I did.
  5. Longest plane ride you’ve ever been on? Were to?……I have been to Paris, to London and to Rome. Not sure which was the longest plane ride, they all felt like forever! But all were SO worth it. I love traveling and could happily hop on a long ass plane ride tomorrow.
  6. Favorite season of the year? Why?…….I live in California, so seasons are pretty nebulous here. I complain about the heat, but I do love the summer. I like the longer days, the light, less traffic, the freedom people seem to feel.
  7. What’s the most delicious food you’ve ever eaten?…….wow. that’s a good question! This may seem weird, but my friend Jon makes this salad dressing that is amazing. And then puts it on salads filled with garden fresh produce, often picked that day from their yard. I have loved that simple salad for years.
  8. Do you like comedies or horror movies?…….comedies. I cannot abide horror movies.
  9. Coolest thing you’ve ever been for Halloween? I have a Halloween tic, which is that i generally do some sort of variation of a vampire every year. But one year my husband and I were invited to a party where we were to dress as villains, and we went as Jon Benet Ramsey’s parents. IDK…it was a pretty fun party!
  10. What do you like to do for fun? …for fun? I like to be with people. I live alone and , while I am used to it, I don’t always enjoy it. So hanging with friends is always good.  I am a theatre geek so love live theatre, and live music, anytime, anywhere.
  11. What was your favorite cartoon growing up?…….i think the roadrunner and the coyote, they always made me laugh

So now I nominate new bloggers….lets see if I can do this. I have  a feeling some of these people may have more than 200 followers. I know the bubble Hour does…but I want it here as a resource, it really is an important podcast that everyone can relate to.













OOPs….12  Well Bubble Hour doesn’t really count since it has way more than 200 listeners. Literary jukebox may too, I have no idea, I love the concept. Ibeefree has 202 readers…..and deserves WAY more. Soberbia, nolonge inert, unpickled (she probably has a lot too), answerswillcome and abeastwithin are all cool sober blogs, written by cool people.  Answerswillcome needs to start a new blog on a different subject, she has a LOT to share. Joy talks about yoga and the science and psychology of happiness…fascinating stuff. Sassy in vayvaharasatya runs and does yoga and is the best writer ever…she is a joy to read. Susan inSBJtalksunion has a passion…there is nothing better than a passion, you know? And bedraggledandkicking? Well..I love her writing and I know her pain, she has a lot of strength and support to give.  Some of these people won’t participate, but I love them all.

Meanwhile the next step is coming up with 11 questions of my own, and I’m going to wait until tomorrow to do that, it’s after 2 am and I have a day to accomplish tomorrow!


Why did you start blogging? (I know, everyone asks it, but it is kind of the point, yes?)

Favorite poet and why? (Musical poets count here)

Your last meal, if you knew it was coming?

What famous (or not so famous) person, real or fictional, would you like to have the drink of your choice with?

Are you afraid of death? Why or why not?

What is your passion? (If you have one….if not then let’s get cracking!)

If you could hop on any mode of transportation right now and go anywhere, where would you go and why?

Do you judge people by their political leanings (not asking for disclosure here…yes or no will do)?

Are you the physically risky type (i.e…..jumping out of planes, bungees. cliff diving, etc)?

Do you meditate? If yes, how, when, good guided meditations to listen to, share some of your practice please!

Can you come over and help me get my couch into my apartment? (Facetious question, I’m just obsessed with this outcome!)

My last question is not a regret question, because I don’t believe in them, but if you had a chance to do something differently in your life, would you? What and why?


So now I have to let all the bloggers know they have been nominated, and I am not sure how to do that…Maggie? I suppose they will read this and see it, but how to inform them with that cool badge something I am unsure of. AND I have to go now, so I will try and figure it out when I get back.

Any of you who do read this can just capture the badge from my page and put it on yours and then follow my directions.

THIS is why I should NOT be a blogger…I have no patience for the workings of it, I just want to write.

Oh well….



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  1. I love it! Well you had no problem figuring it out, I see! Lol! Love the leather pants and the bra! I loved the 80’s! Thanks for the kind words and I can’t wait to see your questions tomorrow!

  2. help! I have no idea how to send them all that cool little message about being nominated.

  3. I remember that party…

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