The Way It Is

I missed yesterday…busy, busy, tired.

And tonite I am just going to post an article from the NY Times. It really struck me, because, while we are not the same people….we are the same people. This woman is writing about a lot of what I am going through. I will write more about it, I have to power through now, but my head is working like hers is.

My heart is full and broken at the same time, just like hers. I understand, so clearly, what she writes. I understand that it will always be like this. I nodded my head as I read. I wish I didn’t understand, but am grateful that I am not, nor ever will be alone, that I will see and hear my story in articles, in my grief groups, in the voices and eyes of those who have suffered a great loss, any loss.


i heard tonite that an old friend died today.  He has left another widow, though considerably older than I was. That’s not better, just different. I will go to the service. I will write a note. I will visit for coffee and listen to her talk.

We are never alone.



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