Why did I say I’d write a blog a day while doing my Whole30?

Why am I doing a Whole30?

It’s actually Thursday night at 11pm, even those this blog will show Friday (why does this blog show Friday when its Thursday?)

Here’s the only thing I can write today…Thank god for friends.

I had a lot to do today. Yesterday too. Oh, and the day before…I have been doing things, moving slowly forward, but I need to move a bit faster, like…I have to be out of my house 3 weeks from today faster!

But I keep sitting, stymied, over-whelmed by the work in front of me, the process.

Tonight, however, I was saved. My dear friend Susan came over and sat with me as I tossed some things from some areas I hadn’t fully investigated. These traps have been swallowing my drive through the whole process, mawing rabbit holes that beg to be jumped down, and I always do.  Not tonight though. I tossed like a wild-woman, and Susan, god bless her, helped me to organize my packing ways….I mean, not a lot was packed tonite, more tossed, but she gave me such a clear plan to move forward with that I feel like it is all possible. I am only slightly whelmed, a vast improvement.

So tonite I will be grateful for my sweet friend , who is willing, always, to be there for me. And who is so smart and organized that she can leave me with a plan that will help me as the days go forward. More will be said about her soon, I am sure. But tonite is just a huge thank you, and a reminder  to be grateful for those angels in our lives that ease our paths and light our ways. And help us do those hard things by just sitting with us and telling the truth, helping me to remember that memories are not in a picture, or an old newspaper, or some sheet music. That they are in my heart and will always be there.

Because I loved and was loved. Because I am loved and I do love today.



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  1. Awwww… 🙂
    You did GREAT. You can DO this.
    Love you

  2. Wonderful, just wonderful! And here’s to the great friends who take us by the hand and guide us to the better stuff that is out there. I’ve had a few in my life; Svengalis, if you will. And my life has been all the richer for them.

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