Do I get a prize or something?

Balloons dropping from the ceiling, cake, champagne….well, no champagne, but you know what I mean.

Where the hell is the celebration?

I am having my own little celebration. I am excited that I have written 100 blog posts, running the gamut from inane to less inane.

It’s fun and a bit gratifying. I don’t blog for ads or promotion or anything, really, other than my own amusement and edification. I love that a few bloggers stumbled by and became friends, that’s the gratifying part. I like community, and there are days when this feels like one.

This is my 100th post and I have nothing big to say, at least tonight. It’s 11:30 pm on July 16 and I am squeaking this out and then going to sleep. Up early for the retro-fitter to do some work, the appraiser to come back and check the work the retro-fitter did.

Life keeps rolling along, and it is pretty even. I had a great day today going back to my new apartment with a friend and measuring tape and having her confirm that this place is, indeed, incredible. I needed that today, that validation. And then we went to brunch,  I went couch shopping, came home and threw out a lot of papers and assorted junk, called a mover, talked with my realtor, made dinner and went to my meeting. I spent time after the meeting in service to  a friend who is having some problems. A very even day for my 100th Blog Post day.

I like my even days, the calm. I keep focussing on remembering that this doesn’t have to be hard, right?

There is craziness ahead and I will write about it. But for now resting in the eye of the tornado seems a good place to be. Life is happening. I am dealing, with  lot of help from my friends.

I am grateful.


I am adding this at the suggestion of Christy aka running on sober….I am ashamed I didn’t think of it :




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  1. I bow to you!!! Applauding wildly!!! It’s a pleasure and a privilege. Thank you.

  2. How about some Kool and the Gang, “Celebration”? They were 80’s right?

    Happy 100! Happy to be a friend!

  3. Happy 100th!!!!! Yaaaaay!!!

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