No words

Saturday night. 10:20

I just remembered to write this. I don’t know if it’s the low grade migraine I have had for hours or the anxiety attack I had earlier when I realized that I really was moving. And soon. And I have a crap-load of stuff to get rid of, in one way or the other.

I literally did not think of writing all day, which is not the best sign when  you are trying to do it 30 days straight.

I actually had a post I wanted to write, and will, maybe it will be tomorrow’s. Maybe I will wake up tomorrow in a sunny mood and write while I have breakfast, before the day gets away from me.

Tonight I am sitting here drinking me tea and wondering about justice. The way it is served up so differently in this country according to the color of your skin. I’m not going to go on. I can’t digest it. The jokes and outrage have started on FaceBook and that’s enough for me. I can’t even share the posts. I can just sit stunned and saddened by the whole situation.

Helpless in the face of “justice”.

Yesterday’s news out of Texas sucked, today’s out of Florida sucks. Every day there is something to be outraged over, and helpless in the face of.

Probably not the panic attack or the migraine. I just didn’t want to write today. I don’t have any words.



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