Blog Rolls…

You know what?

I am not a  good blogger because I know so little about it.  I mean, I sit down and write and push publish and there you go.

Now you could argue (well, I could argue!)that that is all a blogger needs to do, but that isn’t true. People read this blog, not a lot, but some. And some of those people also write blogs. And they are really good blogs and they have blog rolls, where they list the blogs they read. And because I like their blogs I go check out the ones they read and then I get to know more blogs and….on and on.

I  don’t really know how to blog, I am not participating in that lovely reciprocity, the reciprocity that I, myself, depend on to find new blogs. That is not a good thing.  Why don’t I?  I haven’t taken the time to figure out how to do it properly. I chose a free blog design from WordPress to put out there as representing me. I only recently have started putting videos and pictures and quotes on my blog…I think I have kinda figured that out.

This is not a surprise to me. This is, too often, how I operate in the world. I have a fear of the work involved, the attention that needs to be paid, to learn new things. I’d say it was my age, but, frankly I have always been that way. When my son moved out it really started to hit me how much I relied on him, and others , to handle computer or electronic issues that I just kinda don’t have the time to deal with.

What? I sit here and write, I read other blogs, I watch TV, I waste time….I imagine I could figure this out fairly quickly. I really need to do it because I read such great stuff, moving, intelligent, funny blogs that I would really like to share. Sober blogs, grief blogs, life blogs, funny blogs, poetry blogs, sassy blogs….all so good and I need to share them. It’s  not like I am hoarding them, I am just lazy. What a ridiculous reason to not shout out and share some really wonderful work being done quietly by some very cool people.

I am going to be very busy very soon. I should probably be packing something instead of writing now. Tossing stuff instead of sitting on my butt berating myself for not having a blogroll.  However, this is what I am doing. It’s after 9 on Friday night and there is not much more I can really do around the house. So I am making some tea and am going to see if I can figure this out for real.

It would be a step for me, a step out of my comfort zone, a step out of my “I can’t do it” whiney mode. A step into something new…a venture into my new, really new life that is waiting. When I am sitting in my new apartment with the cool loft (which, by the way, I was approved for!), I want to be writing a blog post and have a lot of other bloggers I love sitting right there on the page with me. I will be in a new home, in a different area, with new furniture…a place I have never lived, and I will be alone. My husband is dead. My son is living his own life. And it would be nice to have my friends there with me, and they will be if I can figure out how to put them there.

(BTW… I was moved to write this after reading a beautiful, hopeful post by a wonderful blogger who blogs at )




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  1. Aw, thanks! I’m just like you…I’m not a “good blogger” either, I don’t have a blog roll, and often find it hard to reply to comments, yet, it’s such a rich community, and somehow when I feel like other people, friends, don’t have time to listen, my little community in WordPress does…but I’m pretty sure I found your wonderful blog through someone else’s blog roll, or comments, so it might be time for me to get on the ball, too! Best of luck with your exciting changes!

    • I love your blog, you know that.
      The whole idea of blog-roll came from your last one, because I realized i wanted to write about gardening…differently than you did, but inspired by you….then I thought why isn’t everyone reading her, and then..and then..LOL. I still have more to add now that I figured it out.
      I love my “imaginary friends” too! I wonder if you do what I do,which is NOT publish everything? Maybe something I write is too personal or vulnerable. I keep it on my dashboard just for me, it helps.
      Keep writing, you do it beautifully and it helps. I kept a journal for almost 5 years after Tom died. I actually just threw them all away. Hmmm….maybe another post idea?

      My next challenge is going to be figuring how to add sections to the roll, so that people can skip blogs and content they might not be interested in.


  2. I disagree.After all, what constitutes a good blog. Some people use blogs for business, some for journaling, others for a community/fellowship, and others for a combination of the above. I don’t see there is a wrong way to do it. I use my blog for two reasons; the first to journal ideals and concepts I’ve learned and now teach, and second, for my personal path of continued recovery (I definitely need a community to stay recovered and growing).

    One of the things I like about reading your blog is that you do your own writing, your own thing. For me that’s what blogging is about. I get criticism for my blog, but that’s ok (I don’t like it, but it’s ok). What I do know is I am being true to myself: I genuinely want to help others AND I want to keep my sobriety too.

    For what it’s worth, I love this post and I’ve felt all of these same feelings. I always manage to find my way when I open up and try new things. Good luck with your blogging.

    Gonna go check out bedraggled now. 🙂 Lisa

    • Lisa…
      I love your blog, and I get it. I am still adding! I figured it out last night but it is a little time consuming and it was late…
      thanks for reading’s gonna be a little obsessive for the next few weeks as I transition into a new life, but then, maybe not…I never really kniw what’s going to come uo, and that’s why i like doing it!

    • Lisa, who in the world critisizes your blog?! I just can’t even imagine that! I love you AND your blog. xo

  3. My poor blog roll has been collecting dust – thanks for the reminder!

  4. You’re so cute Mish. I think you’re a fine blogger. Like others said, we all blog in our own styles. Some reply to all comments, some rarely, some keep blogrolls, some don’t… It’s all individual.

    I keep a blogroll, but I tell ya, most of the clicks are on the recovery and sobriety links. I have a running section (gets a few clicks here and there) and a writers’ section (almost no clicks). I’m not sure why the sobriety niche is more click-popular–maybe because sober folks are always looking for resources?

    I wouldn’t stress out over a blogroll. If you read something you love, just include a link in a post, like above (which I loved!), or reblog if they’re on WordPress. Or do a b roll, just don’t fret over it, you know?

    Either way, we love you 🙂 hope you have a great weekend! xo

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