Short and Hopefully Sweet…

I have a meeting to go to tonight and know I will not want to write when I get home, so here’s a quick one….


The owner of the condo called me this morning and I met him this afternoon. We hit it off like gang-busters, and I am FAXing and application tonite. Barring any unforeseen weirdness I think I have my place, my new little space in the world!

And I am so excited and se ready for this new chapter to begin. I practically danced down Ventura Blvd. after meeting him today.

I feel good, positive and hopeful about this.

And now I need to get to work!!! Because I don’t have a lot of time to pack and throw and sell and do what I gotta do here. But I can’t wait to start!


Oh, and BTW….he was widowed 10 years ago and went to the same grief support place that I did, and where I now volunteer.

Just for an added wink…


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  1. Gotta love those “winks” and heed them. This sounds terrific.

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