I’m not sure, but have I mentioned  that I am a musical theatre afficionado? (read NERD!)

I am. It wasn’t always the case. I have always loved theatre, but I was more into straight plays vs. musicals. I liked them but I didn’t buy them. You know, breaking into song endlessly and tap dancing…it was fun but it was trivial, not REAL theatre. The fact  was  that I didn’t understand the form. When I married Tom I married a walking/talking/acting/singing/encyclopedia of information and knowledge of musical theatre. He acted in or directed so many shows. His first legit acting gig was when he was  about 10, he played Winthrop to Bert Park’s Music Man. I know  I’ve written about his voice. He was wonderful, and he taught me to really appreciate musicals and to fall in love with them. He had a collection of musical albums and CD’s that was pretty astounding. I sold some at my garage sale and my sister took a lot home with her because she volunteers at a playhouse in her town and knew there were a lot of nerds, er…afficianados there who would like them.

When I got my new car it came with a 3 month subscription to Sirius radio. I was SO excited because now I could have channel 72..the musical theatre channel. It is the ONLY one I listen to. It is amazing on long car trips, and when I took my recent drive up north it was on the whole time,  with me singing loudly (and badly) along as i tooled around on the beautiful Coast Highway. When my 3 months free was up I was able to get 6 more months for $30, so, hey! sign me up! I am enjoying the hell out of it. They play so many classic songs that I love and can sing along with, they play a lot of new, fun music I haven’t heard, plenty of Sondheim (my favorite) and they also play songs that bring back some really strong memories of Tom. Of shows we saw together, of songs he sang all the time, songs that remind me of him. I love it. Sometimes I get in the car and immediately a song comes on that he used to sing to me and I take it as a wink…it’s all gonna be ok. I am almost never saddened by something that comes on, unless I am already in a blue mood, but sometimes that is great…I wallow a minute and then start singing and smiling and I am through it. Music itself has always been incredibly important to me, but the musical’s are a different level, a real place where I feel connected, in a lovely and appreciative way, to my sweet husband.

Tonite I was driving to my volunteer gig, my grief group. There is a park I pass every time and I always see tons of kids and families and moms pushing strollers…the usual park stuff. It doesn’t really register any longer, it’s just the park I pass. Tonite tho, there was a young couple standing near the street and locked in a really passionate kiss.  I noticed it because I was at a stoplight. And I had the thought “good for them, lucky, happy” and then the song “Hello Young Lovers” from The King And  I came on the radio. The weird things was that I didn’t realize it was that song, because they played the WHOLE song, including the intro into the song, before the catchy “Hello young lovers”part that I know so well. And I was gobsmacked by the lyrics; either I had never heard this before or had forgotten it, I don’t know but listen :



Anna’s dead husband’s name was Tom? How did I not know that?

I don’t know…it blew me away tonite, and , you know, gotta try and keep up the blog-a-day.

I will certainly never think of that song in the same way again, and I’m glad. This really made me happy, in my musical nerdy way. And it made me feel connected in that way I always long for and look for and am so grateful for when it happens.

A nerd-wink.  LOVE!



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  1. Beautiful! Thank you.

    Ciao, Nora

  2. Nerd winks, haha, love it!

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