I have another post I want to write today and probably will, but I just had to write this because….


I re-read my post about the Whole30 that I wrote yesterday. Clear, concise and all the truth.

And there was not one mention of weight in it. What?

Did I even mention that I have weighed basically the same for years except right before I quit drinking, when I gained about 12 pounds (and immediately lost it again when i sobered up – even with eating whatever I wanted). I didn’t mention that recently i had become a very sporadic weigher, because it was too frustrating. Every time I stepped on a scale I was within 3 lbs of a certain weight, and I was at the point where that was so hard for me because my body was changing so much. I mean, why do none of my pants fit? Why am I hanging over the top of everything? How can I not gain and ounce and have this be true? God, it made me crazy!

A  few months ago my wise and lovely food guru friend told me “fuck the scale, stop!”. I heard that, and it seemed to solve the problem a bit…it took the frustration out of the equation. I was still packed into my jeans and rolling over the top, but I didn’t know that I still weighed the same (right? Denial runs deep!). So I stopped weighing and sat in the denial. But I knew, and when I decided to try this another draw was weight loss, truthfully…I was hoping it would help my body out in that way too. So the day I started I did what I hadn’t done in months, which was weigh myself. And, no surprise, I weighed basically what I always weighed.  I wanted a base-line though, and now I had it.

As the process unfolded and the health benefits started showing, I stopped obsessing about numbers; as a matter of fact I was on the same page as Ms. Guru…and  told everyone. There were people in my group dying to get through the thirty days to weigh themselves and I was the anti-weigher. Something really shifted in me: as I became more obsessed with health I became less obsessed with weight, and it felt good.

But I need to report that, while I have no idea what I weigh, and don’t plan to, I am fitting into my tight clothes beautifully. When I sit down I don’t have that hideous muffin top going on. I feel pretty good about my body, though I need to exercise and am planning on devising some sort of exercise plan along these lines (not cross-fit! jesus!)

I felt that needed to be reported, because it was a part of it.

The excellent news? I didn’t even think about it when I wrote yesterday…that is amazing, a sea-change. It makes me feel really good about myself .

The other excellent news? The scale is in the trash.



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  1. Flower slash Zebra February 2, 2013 — 2:12 am

    Wow. Applauding!

  2. Kudos from here, too–and a bold move, throwing out the scale. The point is to feel healthy and energetic, whatever the numbers say.

  3. Omg is right!
    And I’m here to tell all your readers the following fact:
    Mish looks SMOKING HOT in her yoga pants, and her skinny jeans, and… And….

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