The Horror

I don’t know what this post will be,if I’ll even put it up.

I need to process something that is impossible to process,  and everyone today is in the same boat as I.

A gunman walks into a class room and kills 20 children his own mother and several others.

You can’t make sense of that.

It is insane, he is obviously insane.

How did he get the guns?

We need gun laws, it’s crazy.

People kill people, guns don’t kill people.

Crazy people kill people.

How do crazy people get the guns?

The NRA is evil.

The NRA is protecting our 2nd amendment rights.

The 2nd amendment had nothing to do with what is happening today.

It’s video games. Casual violence on TV in our homes every minute.

People around the world, in war zones. live every day with the idea that they may never see their child again when they send them off to school, what about them, don’t they count?

A Japanese man goes on a rampage and stabs children. YES, but none of them are dead.

If the teachers had been armed they could have fought back.

Why not arm the kindergartners then.

The President cried.

He is so compassionate.

He is such an ass and now he’ll take away our guns.

My God, how could this have happened.

Let’s pray to God to make it all ok.

There is no God if things like this happen.

There is no processing. There is only holding our own children close. There is only shutting up on FB and Twitter today, turning off the TV, being respectful. There is only praying to a god of our own understanding the only prayer which is for peace, for peace. Or HELP, right? Help.

There is no sense to be made of this. The only possible piece of good that could come of this is laws that make it harder….oh,.whatever.  Fuck that. Is that any good to those parents? Those little babies?  I don’t think so. There is no good. Not today.

There is only that peace which passes all understanding, that we, as a nation need to feel collectively. That those personally involved may get to, one day, a long, long day  away from the horror of today.

A radical change in perspective personally and nationally.

Are we up for it?

Let’s talk about it tomorrow.

Let’s just cry about it today, let’s FEEL it. Let’s understand that we are all in this together, in compassion and love, lets believe that, if only for today.

In my heart there is still a drop of hope left, a drop.


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  1. The onion nailed it as usual. Thanks for posting this.

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