Sedona again…

I don’t know what the date is.

Seriously. It’s Sunday though and I’ve been on the road for 2 weeks.

And I am trying to figure out what I did to deserve this amazing,  amazing respite.

I was able to come back to the Briar Patch Inn, to end my road trip the way I began it, in this peaceful, beautiful spot. They didn’t have a room available, but the owner’s “casita” was. And so it was offered.

It is tiny and absolutely perfect for me,. There is a patio, where I am sitting and writing right now, that is, basically, right on the creek.  There is the incredible sound of a running water as I type, and it is heavenly.

That is the surprising thing about everywhere I have gone on this trip. There were miles of desolate and ugly desert to drive through, but each time I ended up in a beautiful place, stunning, really.

Sedona, however, has been the most stunning of them all. I think I wrote that as I drove in 2 weeks ago I was in shock and awe at the beauty I was seeing, the steep drive down  through the forest and then the red rocks, in so many shapes and forms surrounding me. And then to get to the Inn and have a gorgeous creek…seriously perfect. And when I began venturing out from here it just got better. I mean, you leave the grocery store and there are those mountains and you just want to grab the nearest person and say “look, look…LOOK! There is something about this place that makes me weep. I am straight serious about that. I will just start leaking…right now, once again. I don’t know what that is. Maybe the vortex’s working on me, the beauty, the serenity…maybe I’m finding home.

I went to an old mining town which is now a hot art center, called Jerome today. I left Flagstaff and drove right there, passing through Sedona. The town was hopping, and there were some really nice art places, but for the most part the same-ish stuff I have been seeing everywhere. But I walked into a pace called the Zen gallery and saw work by the artist/photographer….and knew I was going to buy something. There was just no doubt. I was immediately attracted to 2 pieces, one very dark and one light. I bought the light one. There was a card of the dark one and he gave it to me, so in a way I have both. But the one I bought for myself spoke of new beginnings, of the circle of life and of change. I see it hanging in my house, but my first thought was how great it will look in my next place, my little apartment or condo, or casita. It truly is beautiful, and the splurge was worth it…my remembrance from Sedona.

I’m writing these little blog updates sort of as I go, and with no real huge amount of effort or thinking behind them. Partly because this is all working on me in mysterious ways, and I feel like more will be revealed. Partly because I want to get the facts (Just the facts ma’am) out there so that I can remember it all and go back to it and write more. Partly because I don’t want to be sitting on my computer while I could be meditating or just sitting and listening to the rushing water of the creek.

It’s 5:30 and it will get dark soon.

I can say that I am filled with feelings, many of which I don’t fully understand.

But the overwhelming feeling here is gratitude. I am here, having this time, having had the time on the road trip, being now.

Being now


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  1. I love your journey. I’m on a similar one without moving my physical body really. I love you. So much.

  2. can’t wait to chat…seems like a LOT going on for you.
    It’s all a journey though, inside, outside…

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